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Friday, February 19, 2021

Goodreads supports harassment of authors on their website


Well, I just deleted my Goodreads account. I’m done with Goodreads because they support harassment and cyberstalking.

For the last several years the cyberstalkers have been harassing me and getting pretty much all the good reviews on my books taken down and have been using fake profiles of myself and others to constantly write disgusting “reviews” and messages on my books and those of Christopher Highland. This situation has cost me readers and potentially damaged my reputation.

The last straw happened when Goodreads blatantly refused to pull an obvious fake profile of me, the avatar was a six hundred pound naked person with my head badly photoshopped on it. This cyberstalker was writing all over my books that I was getting married to a gay friend of mine. They even went so far to make a fake profile of my friend backing up their assertions. Now, get this straight assholes I’m heterosexual. I’m not homophobic for saying this. The person using the fake profile definitely is because they are constantly rubbing homosexuality in my face on Goodreads and the comment section of my blog.

Another reason I’ve also cut all ties with Goodreads is because they just took down the ability for people on their site to flag and report abusive content. I used to be able to flag the cyberstalker’s “reviews” and disgusting comments on my and other’s books. I was forced to constantly do this. Now, Goodreads has pulled that ability, thus allowing harassers free reign.

The only reason I’m writing this is to let other writers know of this situation and to give them a chance to express their displeasure of the way Goodreads is handing this kind of abuse and writers on the internet in general.

This is not a time to sit on your hands and just ignore the situation. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve walked away from this, that says something. This crap needs to end and it is up to YOU, the writers, to say no more.

And to the low life pieces of shit that have harassed me on Goodreads for the last several years. You have won nothing. It is Goodreads that has broke the trust with the writers of the internet. It is Goodreads that has turned its back on the writers. So, will you accept this like cowardly fools, my fellow writers?

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Archived For Future Generations

 Well, William Pattison fans, I have some wonderful news I want to share with you. For the last couple of years, I have been working with the non-profit organization, The Alexandria Project to have my books contributed to their digital archive. This will make my books available to libraries and other digital outlets associated with the Alexandria Project. Also, my books will be protected so that they will be available for future generations of readers.

Both my books I wrote under Eric Morse as well as my new books I’ve written in recent years have been included in the archive. I’m really happy to finally make this announcement. It has been a lot of work to achieve this, but for me it was definitely worth it.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Proof of cyberstalking (Even an Idiot can see this)....

Ok, you guys are going to love this. My cyberstalkers are showing how dense and stupid they are.
In the early afternoon on April 29th, I was looking around Youtube, like I usually do when I finish doing my job, which is taking care of my sister who has damage to her knees and back from car crashes she’s had in the past. I get a couple hours break before I get her lunch and help her out in the afternoon.
Anyway, I was looking over Youtube and found a video by a fellow author who does a video blog. His video was about his experiences about how people close him downplay his writing and act like it isn’t important because he isn’t making a living as a writer, which is like around ninety percent of authors in the business. I left a comment on this video that I knew what he was talking about because people close to me act quite a bit the same when it comes to my books. It’s almost like they think that if I’m not making a Stephen King salary that my writing has no value to them.
Well, amazingly enough, an hour later I get a notice from Youtube that Hey Internet, it’s Eric, aka Eric Hyde commented on my comment on this author’s channel, since it’s ludicrous that Youtube is so big, oh and the fact that Hey Internet, It’s Eric is blocked on my Youtube account, thus he shouldn’t even be able to comment on any comment by me much less track me to a Youtube channel I’d only been to once and that was over two years ago. Sounds pretty cyberstalkery to me, but that’s ridiculous since Eric is constantly complaining that I’m accusing him of being a cyberstalker when there is no way he could be. So, obviously, him monitoring my Youtube viewing and creating another Hey Internet, it’s Eric profile to comment on my comments after he has been blocked is all OK and not in any way an indication that he is an obsessive stalker-like person?
Oh, and then amazingly some person who is not Eric Hyde and has no association at all to him comes on that same comment thread using a fake William Pattison profile, with a photo of me with my sunglasses on as his avatar, and starts leaving fucked up, immature, and gross comments on the comment thread. (See below) But, of course, this doesn’t have anything to do with Eric Hyde. No, Eric Hyde is just an innocent person who is angelic in all this… I call BULLSHIT and if you have a brain, reader, you will believe the same. As I said, take a look below…

Four hours later, after helping my sister, I get back on the computer and I see these asshole comments. Because I have a college education, which Eric Hyde doesn’t (He was stupid to mention in a video that he was a high school drop out), I put one and one together, because I doubt some random cyberstalker is going to find my comment thread on his own in the vastness that is Youtube and in reality, and not in the fantasy excuse world of Eric Hyde’s obsessive mind, that this makes sense. So, I confronted Eric publically on the thread and told him to grow up. (see below to see the continuation). Immediately Eric Hyde comes back on and comments. Isn’t that amazing and not at all stalkery… He thinks he’s smart (chuckle, chuckle) and says I’m a fool because I came to the conclusion that he was the author of the fake William Pattison profile, because of course he is innocent and an angelic person. The thing is even if he brought in his pet whack job minion Jay, aka JayTV on Youtube (who I also blocked on my channel). I call Jay a whack job because he just went nuts on me out of nowhere. I didn’t even know the world had shit out this turd until he sent me an email with a link to his video. Oh, but producing an insulting video about a perfect stranger based on propaganda you got from his cyberstalker who lied to you and told you that I was cyberstalking him. Oh, and I loved how Jay stated that he didn’t care about my side of thing, meaning that whole Eric Hyde cyberstalking me thing, and how he was going to personally destroy my life because Eric told him that I threatened Eric’s family because I said I was going to sue him and his unfortunate family was going to be homeless because Eric was being an immature, obsessive asshole who wouldn’t back off and walk away after I’ve given him over a dozen chances, but I’m the evil mental one… Anyway, see below…

Nice? Looks obvious as hell? Give me a break. Either it is indeed Eric doing both of these last posts or it was Jay, his attack dog, writing it. Which is in fact still Eric doing the attacking since he is pulling the strings on that ignorant, brain fucked, (Well, he looks like he is a drug addict or he is a mental case off his pills) idiot who only listens to the fucking mental case, obsessive, cyberstalker (now come on… at this point it has to be obvious) who, rather than walking away, has made a second (or more) Hey Internet, it’s Eric profile(s) because I blocked him on social media (and yes I’ve flagged him dozens of times on Youtube) and is monitoring my viewing on Youtube as well as monitoring my Facebook. I think it is more than obvious what happened here and who is the joke in this situation. It became obvious when Eric Hyde flashed his true self in this quote, “You DO know there are more than me who hate you…” Yeah, I do, Eric, but you are the one that was here and most of them have had the good sense to walk away because they were fighting a losing fight. You can’t because you are so obsessed you’ve lost your good sense, which is why you will share the same fate as an old stalker of mine name Wil Kieper. Wil, didn’t know when to stop and his followers turned on him and he lost everything. He ended up a broken man who is now trying to put the pieces of his life together again. He learned a hard lesson and he NEVER took me down no matter what he did. Oh, and, Eric, you call me a liar yet everything you do shows you to be a liar, thus a total hypocrite who needs to shut your mouth because you have no right to judge me.

So, there you have it, people…

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Goodreads has Lost All Crediblity

Ok, people, Goodread has lost all credibility. They are allowing cyberstalkers to write whatever crap they want and won't delete these troll reviews when I flag them. Ok, writers of the internet take a good look and ask yourself if you can trust an organization that allows crap like this? Goodreads fucking clean house assholes! This is supposed to be a review of Symphony of Death Part 1: Robert Diablo:

Harvey Ellison rated it did not like it

Beware author is a pervert and likes sexually harrassing 18 year old boys. I worked at McDonald's with the author. McDonald's hires mentally ill people which is great but this guy is mentally ill in a diffrent way as he pretends he's a famous author but anyway I trained Bill as he asked us to call him on dishes and he would bump into me and go excuse me but I would feel his hand on my ass. He kept telling us he worked this job only for research for his next book which was bullshit as his sister actually brought him a bag of adult diapers one day cause he forgot to bring them with him. I think he worked there for the discount. I even saw him eat burgers out of the trash. One day I went out to the dumpster for a trash run and Bill is out there well he turns around and has his penis stuffed between two buns and says hey Billamigo want to try my McPickle? I quit on the spot. I understand he has since been fired for stealing burgers.

Goodreads you have lost all your credibility as a reader and author resource. Clean up your act. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Authors are being stupid and missing an opportunity with the Corona Virus

By William Pattison

I'm blown away by how stupid writers are being in regard to this pandemic situation. The majority of them I've conversed with are saying they are avoiding doing any writing based on the Corona Virus. They state that there is no market for fictional stories related to this subject. I think these people are idiots. Yes, they are right that there is no market currently, but there will be. Why, as a writer wouldn't you want to capture the essence of this experience? How better to capture it than when you are actually experiencing it? I'm currently working on a short story related to the lockins. It is a dark comedy piece but it is definitely using the current situation as inspiration. The fact is we as writers have a responsibility to use our skills to take a snapshot of this time, like so other writers in the past.

Cyber Stalkers are lying to the public and committing fraud...

This is William Pattison the real and only Eric Morse and author of The Camp Crystal Lake Novels. I want to make it clear that for the past two years Eric Hyde and a bunch of cyber-stalkers have been committing fraud. They created a fictional author named Dan Foxx and have gone around changing Friday the 13th wikis and websites stating that this fictional person is, in fact, Eric Morse. Don’t be fooled by their bullshit. All it takes is checking out Dan Foxx’s Facebook page to see that most of his pictures are doctored. The cyber-stalkers have taken pictures of me and pasted the person they use for Dan Foxx’s face over mine. They have also used a banner I had for Martinsville Horrorfest and doctored it to use as a fake promotional banner for a fake book signing that never happened. Also, they have used my birthday as Dan Foxx’s birthday and used my sister and my niece’s names mockingly as Dan Foxx’s daughters.
The most recent bunch of bullshit is the wiki site Fandom blocked me from correcting the information on their public access synopsis on my books. Eric Hyde and his buddies changed my name on the biography of the writer to Dan Foxx and put that he had a wife named Kathleen and used my sister and my niece’s names as his children. I corrected all this. Well, a couple of days ago I went on there and found I was blocked and that someone changed the biography to read that “there is a dispute in regard to who is author Eric Morse. Dan Foxx and William Pattison both claim to be the author.” Excuse me? Any idiot with a little research could find out that my name has been all over the internet as being Eric Morse since the 90s, whereas Dan Foxx just suddenly appeared out of nowhere two years ago claiming to write my books. I think the logical assessment should be clear, but Fandom would rather support the lie.
So, Eric Morse fans, support the real author of The Camp Crystal Lake Novels and denounce this fictional creation of the cyber stalkers and Eric Hyde.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Honestly, the human race is in grave danger of drowning in stupidity instead of Corona Virus….

The human race is in grave ­danger. Thousands of people are showing severe symptoms already and there is no known cure.
No, not coronavirus, but sheer stupidity.
Never have so many brain cells been sacrificed on the altar of toilet paper fever. Come on people, what is that about?
Why, when you’re warned you may get a (for most folk, mild) respiratory tract infection do you instantly think what you really need in your life is industrial ­supplies of toilet rolls?
On what planet does that even begin to make sense? (Okay, possibly Uranus). It’s not as if our sexy new version of flu gives you a runny nose. It’s mainly a dry cough and fever.
The only reason you may need that much TP is because you’ve stockpiled baked beans and canned prunes too. Which is probably highly likely.
A vaccine for Covid-19 is already being tested and, like every other flu before it, we will soon have this particular bug under control. But, alas, being a sheep-minded moron is terminal.
Those efficient German types actually have a word for panic buying – hamsterkauf. It says what it does on the tin (probably tomatoes because they’re being stockpiled too). Hamsters hoard stuff in their cheeks. They also have very small brains. Go figure.
On International Women’s Day footage of females fighting over loo rolls in an Australian supermarket went viral.
Each of them had shopping carts full of the stuff. More than they’ll ever need in a month of Sundays, let alone the one or two weeks we’re all supposed to be now sofa surfing in front of Netflix.
Curiously not one of them had any food. Which means they’ll starve to death surrounded by a fortress of pulped trees and cardboard tubes.
If toilet roll is plain bonkers, shall we add dried pasta to the mix? Supermarkets have also seen their shelves stripped of one of the most disgusting foodstuffs known to mankind. Even if you do cook it properly it’s still a glutinous mess of beige stuff.
Plus it’s from Italy. You know the country were EVERYONE is dying!! (They’re not, but trying to keep up the tradition of reacting like this is a zombie apocalypse).
So if you do have cupboards groaning with penne and fusilli you might want to give every piece a wipe down with the buckets of hand sanitiser you’ve also hoarded.
Which is where it really does get idiotic. Because if you’re one of those idiots who have cleared the shelves of stuff to decontaminate your hands with you’re depriving everyone else.
Which means they’ll be wandering around happily infecting us all. Yay, congratulations on that one, you utter pile of pathetic shit (Damn! No toilet paper!)
Even worse are those who have purchased every painkiller they can get their freshly scrubbed paws on. Look, people are ill with other stuff, especially little kids. Depriving them of things really does make you a grade-A selfish wazzock.
There is absolutely no defense for bulk buying. If we all kept our heads and just went about our everyday shopping business we’d all be perfectly able to purchase what we need.
But this applies to almost every aspect of this latest panic pandemic. Rather than all the deliberately scaremongering headlines and ­reports I’d love to see a story telling me how many people who have contracted coronavirus survive. Thousands.
The situation will get worse, as any outbreak of winter flu does. It always hits a peak.
BUT it is down to every single one of us to keep calm and carry on. Nine out of 10 people recover.
Respiratory diseases are responsible for killing thousands of people every year. Yet did that send you into a tailspin of toilet rolls and pasta? No. So can we all stop being hysterical halfwits and get a grip. Just wash your hands first, okay?