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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wikipedia Bans Eric Morse From Its Knowledge Database

Wikipedia, which is supposedly a repository of all knowledge for the internet, just recently deleted all knowledge of author Eric Morse (aka William Pattison, aka Me) from their online database. The reason for this is because former managing editor for Fangoria Magazine, Bob “Uncle Bob” Martin complained saying that Eric Morse’s biography was “nothing but a vanity profile that is totally fictitious.” Martin even had Morse’s reference and that of his books in the section on the Friday the 13th franchise of Wikipedia taken out and “some young adult novels by an author” put in their place. The reason for this is because “Uncle Bob” said that none of the information in Morse’s Wikipedia biography had sufficient references to reasonably verify the information. When Bob Martin went on Eric Morse’s Facebook profile because Morse made a post about the situation, he stated the fact that not only did he have both references erased and made the claim that none of the references on the biography were valid. Of course, after Uncle Bob stated this Wolf Pack Podcast co-host Derek Young and Eric Morse produced twenty-five references in five minutes that clearly supported everything on Eric Morse’s biography. Uncle Bob had to back off and even gave Eric a link to a person at Wikipedia to talk to. Yet, after this, Bob Martin went on to have two hundred people sign a petition to have Eric Morse’s biography and any reference to the author and filmmaker banned from being posted on Wikipedia. Since then six people have tried to restore Eric Morse’s biography to the online database only to have their work erased and them to get warnings from Wikipedia not to try again. Here is a question for you, horror community, with all the hard work done by Uncle Bob and others to have Eric Morse and his works erased, doesn’t that in it’s own way prove that the author/filmmaker is either so very famous or so very infamous that Wikipedia as the internet repository of knowledge for the internet really does in fact need to reference him in order to maintain the integrity of the accuracy and completeness of their data base? It is a major fault in democracy that a loud minority can get power of over a silent and disinterested minority. We see that all the time in the horror community with the horror socials and how this small group manipulates things in the horror community. The truth is that more than likely there are probably far more people who are fans of Eric Morse and his books; definitely far more than the two hundred people who disliked Morse and  who signed Uncle Bob’s petition. Yet, those two hundred people managed to present a situation that made the supposed repository of all knowledge for the internet go against its own mission statement and erase the biography of a person who is clearly a public figure in horror at the very least, thus worthy of reference in said database. What does this say about Wikipedia? Also, what does this say about Uncle Bob Martin? According to reliable sources,Uncle Bob during this situation has gone on Mike White’s website Impossibly Funky and has outright bragged about how he has put Eric Morse in his place and has really fixed him. It is obvious, given all the bragging, that Uncle Bob’s motivation was more to cause trouble for the author and be petty because he for some reason doesn’t personally like him rather than act for the public good. The question in the end is what does this say about this supposed repository of knowledge? It is a puppet for the minority and what they want as knowledge for the internet, or is it as it is supposed to be, a truthful data base of knowledge that is not compromised by popular propaganda. The deletion of knowledge is just that, the deletion of knowledge, thus if Wikipedia supports the deletion of knowledge because of minority support than it is not worthy of the trust of its users…..

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Video Blog: Eric Morse is Watching 1

Join Eric Morse for the first of his new video blog series, Eric Morse is Watching. In this segment Eric talks about the horror socials and the masks they wear. He also rebutts some the the criticisms against him.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Aaron Dodge Rebuts Eric Morse's BBB Complaint and Ends Up Looking Like A Butt

Well, I got notice from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) today saying Aaron Dodge write a rebuttal to my complaint against Twisted Terror Convention. It was exactly what I expected. He called me a bully and a harasser and said I was threatening him and his convention, which is a lie. Complaining about a wrong to the proper agency and in public is not threatening or harassing. He tried to make it out that I was somehow a threat to his guests and they didn’t feel safe with me taking part. Excuse me? I have never threatened anyone with physical harm, through a number of Aaron’s buddies have in emails. No one has any court orders against me and I don’t have any restraining orders against me. My record is clear. If people don’t like the fact I think they are ego case assholes that is not bullying or harassing that is telling the truth. In fact it is more a case of the people Aaron is making out as victims who are guilty of bullying and harassing and what they hate is the fact I got proof to back my statements up. Aaron even tried to say my being a part of the convention cost them a sponsor. Give me a break. I, one single writer, is such a huge nasty evil threat that a sponsor is going to bow out simply because of my participation. That is unprofessional in the extreme and childish. It just amazed me how full of bullshit Aaron Dodge was. Instead of focusing on the central issue, like I did all he did is try to character assassinate me. It was a joke. He even tried to say that Women in Horror Month were the ones who pushed him to get rid of me. I don’t think even they would be that big of asses. That would royally blow that fake image of theirs of being the benevolent non-profit trying to right wrongs and make poor unappreciated women get the appreciation they deserve…Nope that would make them look like a bunch of female gangsters and bullies. So, they would never do something like that.

Anyway, I’ve further rebutted his statements and hit him with a bit of contract law. The fun is just beginning….