Blog Notice to Horror Socials

Blog Notice to Horror Socials

Troll Notice

Troll Notice

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Recently an associate of mine suggested I act more professional in regard to horror, because he said my actions and my attitude was going to ruin my career. Here is my answer to that. To fucking hell with that! Here is one thing you need to realize, I’m never professional. To me professional means kissing people’s asses and acting like a Stepford person. Professional means letting people get away with shit, because you feel if you object you will be going against the popular opinion and the status quo. Professional means letting people use you and take advantage of you because you feel you need their approval. Get this straight,  I’m who I am. I’m genuine. I don’t put on a false image just to win the approval of others. I don’t need their approval. They either accept me for who I am or they can fuck off…Simple as that.
The fact is I’m an artist and a writer, which both tend to be less than professional by the social way of thinking. Look at two very artistic people I admire who truly are unprofessional. One is Mr. Howard Stern. Howard truly doesn’t give a flying fuck about what is professional and what is not…Howard is Howard and he simply doesn’t care. Then there is my mentor, Mr. Harlan Ellison. Harlan will tell his fans they are total idiots if he feels they are being that way. He actually told a representative from Warner Brothers studio that he would come down and burn down their offices if they didn’t send him a free DVD copy of Babylon 5 because it contained an interview he had done. He doesn’t play politics or be nice and kiss the ass of anyone. Yet both men are extremely successful and respected for being who they are.
People in the horror community use the word “professional” as a crutch or excuse to criticize someone for not doing things their way or not bowing down to them. The truth is that professionalism in the horror is a myth. All supposed business is done on a social level rather than a truly business only level. That is why so many unfair and sneaky deals are done. Filmmakers cast their friends over better prospects. Convention organizers invite only their buddies and ignore local talent. Convention organizers blackball people simply because they ask the fans to request them. Vendors get free tables and get to go to VIP parties and other events because they are buddies of organizers. These are the people who are called “professionals”, what they should be called is brown nosers and ass kissers or worse cheaters and liars. William Pattison, aka Eric Morse, is not a brown noser or ass kisser and is definitely not a cheater or a liar (though some have dared to try to say otherwise) thus I am unprofessional. I say good.
And to a certain two convention organizers, communication is the key to understanding and knowing how to communicate is even more important. If a person is uncommunicative or depends on public opinion the best way  (by the definition of the horror community’s style of professionalism) to get a response is to bring the issue up in a public forum and force their hand. Thus when it comes down to it I have been very professional in how I've handled the two of you (gag). You don’t like how I play your games then play mine…be honest, be fair, and show me the respect a six time author deserves, which is the same as any actor or documentary filmmaker…period. Simple as that. You don’t and you deserve what you get. This is me communicating and I’m hoping you are understanding. That is more important than making the excuse that I’m unprofessional…

Here is an example of what I mean....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A note to my fans and friends

Well, I just went and erased another 50 emails from Eric Morse fans. In 90% of them I got a variation on “ I’m so sorry you were banned from that con, Miss Misery is such an asshole for doing that. When are you going to be at a convention near me?” Here is your fucking answer NEVER!  Honestly, people, I feel like going completely off. These people in these emails obviously know about the convention drama. They fucking know I been told in no uncertain terms that I am not welcome in “The Scene”. The Ftards that think they make those decisions have said that and YOU, all of you, have pretty much backed that shit up. So here is my question, why the fuck am I getting these damned emails…Why do they come in days after day. I ask the fans for support, and yet I get shit in return. Then, as if to rub salt in my wounds, they keep bugging me about getting into conventions. You want me to be at conventions then get off your lazy asses and bug the shallow assholes that banned me and pushed me away until one of them breaks down and signs me. Stop emailing me and asking me. Do you realize how much it hurts me. It is like you are slapping me in the face.
Oh, and to my friends, stop calling me and emailing and telling me what a wonderful time you had at such and such convention. That is like rubbing salt in my wounds too. If I’m not worthy or welcome to come and hang out with other horror fans then I don’t want to hear about others doing it. I’m not that much of a saint and I’m tired of people thinking I’m supposed to be. I have to tolerate seeing posts on Facebook, but stop rubbing it in my face. I’m done with it. If I had had some support from the horror community those asses would have never pulled that shit of banning me….So, I’m sorry to be honest, but I blame you. So, don’t talk to me about conventions…I don’t want to hear.
This does not mean that I’m not going to do my new show with Lucas Marlone and Mary Madcox. Oh, no. You’ll hear what conventions are coming up from me. But if I sound excited and enthusiastic….The Academy Award goes to William Pattison, aka Eric Morse. Just remember that….

And here is a little music to fit the mood....

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Experience at Zombie-O-Rama IV

Four years ago I went with my boarder, actor Christopher Scott, to the first ever Bay Area, actually technically San Jose is Silicon Valley, zombie crawl. It was an wonderful event and over 1,000 people attended. Yesterday, I attended the fourth years event and was blown away. I had gone to the second year and it was bigger and better. Unfortunately, I had missed year three because I didn’t have transport, which royally sucked. This year I walked into a monster of an event. My sister and I were a bit late so we showed up when the entertainment had started. When we arrived I swear we walked into a crowd of over 4,000 people. A band was playing. A number of people  dressed up as those beserkers from Resident Evil. There were people in incredibly detailed makeup from The Walking Dead as well. Also there were people in simplistic makeup as well, most of these got theirs done at the event for a donation of $5, good deal. For my part I did my own makeup and my sister’s. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures this time, because I forgot to charge my camera…
The food at the event was excellent. I had a pork burrito and some Hawaiian sliders. For desert I got a hand made strawberry cheesecake ice cream sandwich with fresh chocolate chip cookies.
After my sister and I watched a zombie fashion show and watch the costume contest. An amazing eyeless zombie won the woman’s category and a clown zombie won for the guys. Then we finished the evening with a showing of Shawn of the Dead in a big outdoor screen….it was glorious.
Now, if you were on Facebook you saw that it was back and forth in regard it if I was going to be able to make this event. It had taken an over blown importance for me to make it because of all the bullshit with me and horror events lately. I have to say it was nice to be able to hang out with a few thousand fellow horror fans. Actually, a couple people recognized me there and chatted me up. They were disappointed that they couldn’t get an autograph, but luckily I had a pen in my pocket and wrote down their addresses on a rather small piece of paper I had. I’ll send them autographed pictures once I have the funds to do so. So, all in all a wonderful time..Bravo Zombie-O Rama!