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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The True Gods of Horror

I was just in a discussion with a fellow writer about how to make sales. My advice to her was promote, promote, promote! Don’t think that the PR people at your publishing house is going to do it all themselves, they have a load of books to try to promote not just yours. As the author it is part of your job to bust down doors and get word of your creation out there. Remember writers you are gods, you create worlds. You hold the destinies of those you create in the palm of your hand. So, you need to get off your ass and make some noise, because no one will do it for you….
I’ve learned this over the years I’ve been doing horror. The problem is the horror community and especially those who think they run horror have no respect for writers, neither screen writers nor book writers; that is why we have been barraged with lack luster scripts and cookie cutter plots. Shit, I remember an argument I had with a big convention promoter. He told me writers were useless to him, that they don’t put butts on seats. He said in his opinions writers should shut up, pay for their tables, and be happy that they are allowed at conventions at all because they are considered beneath vendors and belong in the back of the vendors room. Here is what I got to say about this…get a fucking clue. Over the last seven years reading is back in style and with the invention of Nooks and Ebooks books are back in vogue and are in fact getting more popular than films even. Readers are finding the plots and characters more desirable in books than their counterparts on screen, especially in the horror genre. With big name scream queens dragging their way through performances with no heart and pretty much looking like they are on drugs, people are getting tired and revitalizing their imaginations with a good book. But still podcasts and conventions are still living in the 90s and don’t see what is clearly a fact in todays horror culture. The saviors of horror are not going to be The Twisted Twins or any other filmmakers unless they under crank those massive egos and ally themselves with the true gods of horror, the writers. Remember this a single writer can create terrors that even the great Stan Winston could never bring to life. Writers are the future of horror and people need to acknowledge that...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Answer to Article: Are The Stars Really Worth Our Interest?

I found an article in the San Mateo Weekly News. This was actually unusual because usually they write about uninteresting shit and their movie reviews annoy me….
Anyway this article was titled, Entertainment: Are the Stars Really Worth Our Interest? I was intrigued when I read this so I read on. The article talked about how Hollywood and the entertainment business has degenerated over the last fifteen years to the point that the majority of the stars are dysfunctional low lives who go from one embarrassing incident to the next and in all honesty treat their loyal fans like dirt. The author talked about the days when he was young and a lot of stars acted like role models to the public, like John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. He admitted that incidents did happen, but not like today. He pointed out incidents with Charlie Sheen and Justin Beiber as prime examples. He also express how disheartening it was for him to go to New York ComiCon and seeing Sylvester Stallone fleecing fan for $300 an autograph and then just pushing them along like cattle. The author asked the question of when these supposed icons where going to live up to the standards of the stars of the past? Then he answered it harshly. He says it won’t happen until the public gets tired of this childish behavior and hold these people to a higher standard. Which to me says it will never happen.
I’ve seen this crap way too much in the horror industry. I’ve seen supposed artists acting like spoiled children and petty bullies. It saddens me as well. I remember being completely disgusted when twenty supposedly iconic horror “stars” contacted me on the day that Twisted Terror Con started and went out of their way to laugh and insult me because that bitch Jessica Cameron (who was acting like an unprofessional child) demanded that I get tossed from the convention simply because she didn’t like me. Sorry, that and what the others did did not show class or any stretch of star quality. I lost a lot of respect for a number of people that day.The truth is in their hunger to make profits and sell their wears a lot of these stars forget the people they are supposed to care about, that being the fans. So, to the question: Are the Stars Worth Our Interest? Not if they are going to act like drunken, money hungry, unfeeling, dysfunctional, jackasses. You want the title of “Star” then live up to it. That is just a suggestion…

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Truth: The Twists and Turns of my Critics

Amusingly earlier today I did a Google check to see if anyone was mentioning the upcoming release of Psychotic State: The Novel. After looking at nearly ten pages of links to my Facebook pages, podcasts, and blogs I ended up running into a blog page done by one of my haters. In fact I’d seen it once before and had actually commented because this person and six other people were twisting facts and insulting me. I learned a valuable lesson when I did that because they took my comments and further twisted them out of context and meaning. They did this just so they could try to discredit what I’ve said about the horror socials, the horror nasties, and especially The Soskas. Also, the truth is these pathetic low lives actually get off on doing this.
Now looking back at it nearly half a year later I have to laugh at these idiots and conflict mongers. Seriously, one of the things that they kept on saying was that for some reason I was expected to debate with them and defend my statements and defend my podcasts. I don’t have to do a thing. It is my choice if I want to debate with anyone or not. In this case it would have been a waste of time. All these people would have done is twist every word I said and throw them back at me. The fact is I’ve been too busy actually being creative and working on a project rather than wasting my breath on trolls.
Also they make a big deal about how I block and then rip into the trolls and assholes who violate my personal profile. Tough shit. Lots of people on Facebook do the exact same thing. If people come on their profile to cause shit they block them and then after they and their friend talk shit about them. Shit I remember when Michelle Shields (by the way where the fuck is she??? The answer is gone from the scene) blocked me, even though I never came on her profile and caused trouble. Thanks to a friend I saw that Michelle and her friends ripped into me and bad mouthed me for twenty-two pages worth of posts. I sincerely doubt the same can be said for me when I’ve blocked people. I got better things to do.
Oh, I might add that I find it amusing that my critics spend so much time and effort talking about my weight. If you actually look at the majority of my basher's pictures most of them look like rejects from Duck Dynasty or Mountain Monsters. Give me a fucking break. If you are a fat ugly fuck don’t be calling others fat ugly fucks name or photoshop pictures of them. It makes you look like a bunch of clowns. Look in the mirror people. You aren’t exactly the beautiful people either Porky. It makes me laugh.
Also, for their own bullshit purposes my haters and critics have tried to make out that I had an issue with women in horror in general when in fact my issues are with one organization, which is really more of a clique. The sad part is if this organization did what it blusters about on its website it would be a valuable resource for young female horror artists to get a leg up, but instead they waste their time on charity work that doesn’t even forward their cause and they promote members who are already over hyped. It saddens me for the loss of potential and how egos and self promotion has left the people who could be helped in need. Yet the way these conflict mongers paint me I hate women and think in general that they can’t do horror and that I think they are all stupid. This bullshit amuses me because I do support many female horror people who I respect and honestly care about. One of those people is none other than Debbie Rochon. I’ve known DRo for years and have admired and supported her work. Another is April Burril. Same as Dro, I’ve known April for a long time and we have nothing but mutual respect for each other and our works. Then there is Maria Olsen. I met Maria a few years ago and have nothing but respect for her. The final person I will mention, though she is not the last, is JA Steel. JA is a fine filmmaker and deserves more credit than she gets. She makes horror films, not feminist horror films. Her films speak of what is good in horror and what other female filmmakers should strive to do, make good tight horror films that are pure horror without bullshit hype or politics.
Finally, these trolls and haters have twisted my issues with Jen and Sylvia Soskas so bad it doesn’t even resemble the truth. I remember one of my critic blustering about how he was going to make public the message I wrote to The Soskas before I blocked them. What is even more funny was this person painted me as being an idiot and acted like what I said was some great nasty secret that was going to burn and destroy me. Here is the funny part….My critic needed to do better research because I made that letter public when I read it on my podcast the very day I blocked them and posted it on my blogs. That is called public knowledge. Also, I’ve posted the story of what happened and why I blocked The Sockas a dozen times and my story has never changed. It was never about they wishing me happy birthday. My critics just pushed that bullshit to make me look petty and an ass.  It was about respect and consideration for a person who knew the great and fabulous Soskas before they became the over hyped circus act they’ve become. It was about one statement that they said that was a full on slap to my face, that being : “We are doing this last minute because these are our friends and we will do anything for a our friends.” Two months before as a friend (aka person who had known them three years at the time) I asked if they could come on my podcast and do a 45 minute phone interview, and yes the show I was asking them to do was on August 13th, my birthday. They said they couldn’t do it because they were going to be at a convention and would not have the time. Now here is the thing, I’ve asked Monique Dupree, Ari Lehman, PJ Sole, Mike Mendez, Eric Red, Kevin Tenney, and a score of other high profile horror “celebrities” if they could do a short interview at a convention and they have shown me nothing but curtsy and respect. Yet, Jen and Sylvia, whom I gave a break to when they were nobodies not only said no, they shit on me and the three years we had known each other and did nine hours of podcasts when they couldn’t give me and my podcast 45 minutes. And here is the thing, it is not that my podcast is a nothing piece of shit. My podcast, which is syndicated on six different websites as well as Blog Talk radio, currently has over 20,000 listeners worldwide. What it was was that I and the other members of The Wolf Pack are not part of the clique The Soskas now belong to, aka The Horror Socials. The truth is the three podcasts that they shit on us over were run by members of this clique. So, the truth is the fabulous “I love you” Soskas (I notice they've stopped saying that and the bullshit “fuck” every other word shitque they used to do for attention) played politics and slammed an old associate to impress their clique. Very white of you girls.Real class.
Now to another thing my critics twisted about my issues with the Soskas. They say I talk down American Mary and their newer projects simply because I don’t like them now. Wrong. I don’t like American Mary because the last twenty minutes of the film is badly written shit, thus the film as a whole is shit. Simple as that. People in the horror community ripped apart The Last Exorcism because the last ten minutes of the film was pure and utter shit. But here is my issue….Last Exorcism gets ripped while American Mary gets praised and wins prizes and the Soskas get called geniuses for a film that the last twenty minutes is shit. Don’t you see something off about that? The truth is American Mary didn’t get praised for being a good film, it got praised because most of the critics were drinking buddies or people who socialize with the Soskas. You can tell by most of the reviews, it is as clear as day. The reviewers would keep saying “American Mary is not a perfect film. The last twenty minutes is lack luster, but the Soskas are geniuses and the film is the best thing to happen to horror in the past ten years." Excuse me. Translated this means, “The film sucks but we are going to give it a good review because Jen and Sylvia hung out with us at ComiCon and flirted. They are one of us and they deserve hype.” That is the sad truth. Even Jen and Sylvia admit in interviews that they were over their depth and needed their hands held all through the production. But of course the horror community ignores these confessions, like they ignored Danielle Harris saying she hated independent horror and wanted to stick to doing $30,000,000 projects with WWE and the Soskas because they stroked her ego. I’m sorry, but I’ve been honest with my opinions, not because I dislike the Soskas personally but because I am being honest, unlike a lot of you. I’ve been honest in my thoughts on See No Evil 2 and so far I’ve been right. The Soskas fucked up the film because once again they were out of their depths and WWE has had to spend nearly a year fixing that cluster fuck of a film. The result is The Soskas masterpiece is not getting a theatrical release (which Jen and Sylvia said was going to be a sure thing because they are such great filmmakers) and will be limited to VOD and DVD/Blueray. Sorry that is simply the truth not hate. I don’t honestly hate the girls. I hate what they’ve become and I’m disappointed with them. I saw potential in them and they betrayed that for the easy way to fame. Now they are starting to pay for it. Honestly, I hope Sylvia wins her battle with Jen in regard to them leaving horror and going back to action exclusively. I liked Dead Hooker in the Trunk. It was a good , tight, film. They are not good horror directors. They really don't have the eye for it. The only reason Jen is bucking on the idea of doing action is because she will lose her Women in Horror (the organization) status and her status with the horror socials. Sylvia is the smart one and knows her talents are wasted in horror. I really do hope she wins. Maybe if they get away from the horror socials and the ego cases in horror they might get back some of what they’ve lost the last few years. They might reflect the girls I knew years ago and respected. Who knows I might even get that email I’ve been waiting way too long for. All it takes is a single olive leaf, girls.

So there you have it. I’ve explored my haters and critics and blew away their bullshit hopefully and presented the truth. It is up to you know either to read this and understand or be like a friend say and only glance over this and fill in what you haven’t read with your own prejudices. It is up to you.