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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Studio Made Me Do It!

Have you ever noticed that people come up with the most fucking jackassed excuses for being insensitive asses. I recall an actor/director who said to me after he didn't show up at all for an interview on my podcast "I didn't feel like doing an interview tonight. Anyway you are just some piss ant little podcast so it doesn't matter." Nice right? Then a couple of filmmakers tried to get away with being assholes and fucking me over on my birthday by saying "The studio wouldn't let us do it.They have us scheduled to do convention after convention and we won't have time to do any podcast interviews." Well, what is funny is the studio was lightening fast in giving you permission doing that other podcast on my birthday. But of course you posted: "This was last minute, but these are our friends so we couldn't possibly say no. We love our friends so much..." I guess that tells me something. Boy does it. And, Yes, I do have a long memory. A very long memory.
This is dedicated to my "friends"....

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy and Sad Time for The Horror Community

It is both a happy and sad time for the horror community. James Wan's The Conjuring is a hit. Unfortunately, James has stated that he is leaving horror. His next project is Fast and Furious 7. What is even more sad is that this is typical now. Any filmmaker that makes any unique film that goes against "the formula" gets burned out, mostly because most horror fans have been whiny turds, and walk away. Look at Rob Zombie and Lords of Salem. All Rob has gotten since he made House of 1000 Corpses is nothing but whining and complaining. I'd say fuck you and walk away too if I had to deal with the shit Rob had to deal with from you people. Of course, any turd, or set of turds with a gimmick get hailed by you shallow asses, only to be tossed like a piece of dirty toilet paper when it becomes clear they don't have more than two to three fairly good films in them. This is the reason horror is held with such low regard in the entertainment industry. I say we need to return to a time when being a horror director gave you some pride. We need to stop whining and mentor in the next group of great horror filmmakers. We need unity and the bitching needs to stop. Or do you really like the crap we've been getting? It is up to you....

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chauvanistic Statement Made by WIHM Board Member

Now I really don’t want to start a huge drama, but my Associate, Dr. Blood, made me aware of a rather sexist statement made by a lady who is on the board of Women in Horror. With the recent plagiarism situation regarding Lianne Spiderbaby, this person had to open their mouth on a public forum in regard to Lianne’s relationship with director Quentin Tarrentino make an incredibly sexist statement. The statement by this board member of this non-profit organization that is supposedly dedicated to promoting equality and giving women respect and recognition is I quote “If she did nail him, good for her. I hope he drops shitloads of money on her before she dumps him for someone that doesn’t make her ill to touch physically.” Not very politically smart at all. I’m sorry but for someone who is supposedly trying to promote women and garner them equal respect and recognition in the entertainment industry this is a less than complimentary statement to make in a public forum. To put it bluntly this statement is incredibly unprofessional and chauvinistic. Yes, I did say that word in regard to a female member of society. If you look at the definition of the word chauvinist it is not male specific:
Definition of chauvinist (n)
Source: Bing Dictionary
[ shṓvənist ]
Somebody with sense of superiority: somebody with an excessive or prejudiced loyalty to a particular gender, group, or cause.

Honestly, as a friend, I would put out the suggestion to Jen and Sylvia Soska, who are the people who actually run Women in Horror,of course, once they get back from ComicCon, that they have a confab with their board about using restraint and reminding the members of the board that in public they need to represent Women in Horror in a far better light publically than what was presented in this instance. This is just a suggestion, ladies.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Screwed Over for Crystal Lake Memories Again!

It's amazing how history repeats itself. Peter Bracke did a three hour interview with me for his book Crystal Lake Memories and then edited me completely out of the first printing of the book. Then because I royally bitched about it (shit, people, I bought a copy of the book and had a party only to find I got screwed over) Bracke added a paragraph about me and my books to the second printing....How very white of him....
Well, guess what? The production company that did the documentary Crystal Lake Memories have screwed me over yet again. That's right, people. The Camp Crystal Lake novels were completely ignored and I wasn't even offered an interview (Shit I would have been jumping for joy to just be a DVD extra). They have the hypocritical gall to call this documentary the complete history. Well, here is some information that should have interested these documentarians. For fans of Friday the 13th from 1994 to 1998, when Jason X came out, the only fresh Friday the 13th fans had were my books, and because of the ignorance and lack of thought by Berkley Book, there were limited copies of these for the fans. It was a quest for a fan to get any of my books. They were like the holy grail to them during what the fans have called "the dark times". But, that isn't significant in "the complete history" of Friday the 13th. For those fans who struggled for those precious books it was very significant. I'm sorry but you are hypocrites and liars to call your documentary "the complete history". It is called false advertising and fraud.

Eric Morse and The Camp Crystal Lake novels are a significant part of Friday the 13th and deserve recognition. I think a large number of fans would agree.