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Monday, January 28, 2013

Negativity and Propaganda

I was told by someone recently that I’m too negative and I have a bad reputation in the horror community. Well, the fact is that people who say that are just focusing on the negative and listening to propaganda rather than actually taking a good look at me. The truth is that I do a lot of positive things for people in the horror community and in the name of the horror community. If you were to actually take the time to look at my Facebook wall I’m always posting links to help promote people. On my radio show I’m always having independent artists on my show. In some cases these are the very first interview experiences these people have had. I’m constantly helping beginning screen writers and authors with their writing. And, on top of all that, I do a lot for charities. I’ve had my head shaved twice to get donations for cancer children through St. Baldricks. I support the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. I work with the local Harley Owners groups and The Pose on charity events for Second Harvest, Samaritan House, and other groups for homeless and elderly citizens. Also, and more importantly, in February I’m going to hosting my very own charity event for homeless and elderly people, A Taste of Terror Mini Film Festival.

The truth is most of the negative propaganda comes from a very few people with sticks up their asses about me. I won’t get into detail about some of these people because I’ve written extensively about some of the most current assholes I’ve had to deal with. One I will talk about because he is the major one and because the more recent people have used this person’s propaganda as source matter to help spur their dislike, is a gentleman named Wil Keiper. Wil is the person who runs the website Horror Wil is well known and proud that he is known as a trouble maker, a drunk, and an internet troll. He was actually thrown off Bloody-Disgusting (note: this during their nastiest time in the history of their message board), and permanently banned from that site for being amazingly too much trouble. He harassed and caused so much trouble for my friend Mandy Beltran, aka Dark Spider, that she ended up quitting horror and going into hiding. Anyway, for eight years Wil and his crew of trolls and harassers have dogged me across the internet comparing me to the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, calling me a creepy stalker that stalks actresses, and a pervert (Note: it was because of Keiper’s harassment that I added the moniker of Creepy Stalker Guy of Horror to my list to stop Wil from libeling me as such. It worked.). Why does he do this, you ask? Well, it had to do with a bitch ego case Zgrade actress named Elissa Dowling.

I had known Elissa for three years when a situation happened with me regarding the fore mentioned Bloody-Disgusting. It started when I got involved in the film adaptation of my novel Friday the 13th: Mother’s Day. I was going around message boards posting threads about the production. Director Cory Stevens suggested I post a thread on Bloody-Disgusting. I did that and two weeks after I did I was being attacked by members of the board. I hadn’t done anything but post updates on the progress or the film and the members started getting personal and trashing the production and me personally as a writer.  Finally, I had enough and walked off the board. A week later members of the board hacked my My Space profile and erased all my information and posted Bloody-Disgusting banners. I complained to My Space and because of that the guy who ran the Bloody-Disgusting My Space profile started to attack me on my profile. He got kicked off My Space and Bloody-Disgusting banned me in retaliation, not that I’d want to go on there again. Anyway, I told my buddy Elissa Dowling about this. Soon after she started doing a lot of posts supporting Bloody-Disgusting. Also, friends of mine started telling me that a person calling themself  Razorected was going around chat rooms trashing me and Cory Stevens’ film. Hearing this I immediately suspected Elissa because her email at the time was I contacted her about this and she immediately unfriended me on My Space and blocked me. Three months went by and “Razorected” continued her trashing of me and the film in chat rooms. Also, Bloody-Disgusting made Elissa one of their pinup girls and heavily promoted her films. At this point I decided Miss Z grade actress needed to be knocked down a few pegs. I decided rather than trashing her with lies I would hit her with the truth. I had known Elissa for three years and honestly she is a shitty actress (she still is). I had read a few reviews of her work and none were good at all. I decided I’d go around and pickup as many reviews I could on her films and post them in threads on message boards all over the internet under the title “Avoid like the Plague”. I found fifty reviews on the fourteen films Elissa had been in and posted them in twenty boards, including, unfortunately, Horror Yearbook. I even put up a challenge to people that if they found a good review of her work  I would close down the threads. Friends of Elissa’s started attacking my threads saying I was being unfair and acting like I actually wrote the reviews myself, which I constantly reminded them I didn’t. Finally,on Horror Yearbook, Wil Keiper came forward and offered to have his main reviewer, Dr Royce Clemins, check out one of Elissa’s films and see what he thought of her acting. I happily agreed, knowing for sure of the outcome. Initially, Dr Royce refused, saying he didn’t want to be involved, but two days later he reviewed Uli Lommel’s Black Dahlia, which Elissa stars in. His review was scathing. He called Elissa the most annoying actress he had had the dishonor of watching. I posted Dr. Royce’s review in “Avoid like the Plague” and said, honestly, I told you so. Immediately Wil and his crew started attacking me. Wil, who was also working with me and my business partner, Shane, to get us into the convention, Silicon, turned on us there and got us thrown out of the convention. Pissed by this, Shane got in on the Elissa thread and started defending me. At one point, Shane posted Elissa’s home address and phone number he found on the thread, which had been publically exhibited by Elissa herself on her website, Elissa After that Wil and his crew started calling ME a creepy stalker and saying I was actually stalking Elissa Dowling, which was totally untrue. Then he and his buddies started posting pictures of John Wayne Gacy and saying because, according to them, I looked like Gacy it was proof I was a pervert and a serial killer. At this point, I’d had enough and I found a way to erase the thread and restart it. This royally enraged Wil and he and his crew escalated. I ended up leaving Horror Yearbook. I tried to delete all my threads I created, but Wil somehow stopped “Avoid like the Plague” from being deleted and he and his buddies continued to trash me on there. I just walked away.

Seven months later I was on the Horror Movie Fans message board. My friend Mandy Beltran, aka Dark Spider, had mysteriously disappeared and I had posted a thread asking if people knew anything or could help (At the time I did not know Wil Kieper and been involved). One of the people suggested that I have them interview me on their “Horror Yearbook podcast”. I told them I wanted nothing to do with anything with the name Horror Yearbook involved. This, of course, brought in Wil Keiper. He actually had the nerve to ask me what my problem was with him. After I told him, he started harassing me on Horror Movie Fans. He even tried to say that I stalked Mandy and that that was the reason she had disappeared and I was looking for her. At the time I was also working with my friend Ruhina, from The Daily Boost Coffee Bar, to do a charity event for St Baldricks, which supports child cancer research. Wil started posting that I was a pervert and child molester on Horror Movie fans. Also, after the St Baldricks event Wil and his buddies egged, shaving creamed, and toilet papered The Daily Boost because they didn’t like the fact that Ruhina served a special coffee drink at the event in honor of me called The Eric Morse Mocha. At this point, Wil crossed the line and used my personal information to start a profile on Horror Movie Fans under my real name of William Pattison (I post on message boards as Eric Morse). Using the William Pattison profile he started a series of perverted threads making me out as a lover of child porn and snuff films (which makes you wonder where he got the film titles and videos he posted on his threads). I found out because the arrogant fuck went on my Mandy Beltran thread and admitted to everything. He thought it was incredibly funny. I went to the head of Horror Movie Fans, Foo, and demanded the threads be taken down and Wil Keiper be banned. Foo, who I didn’t realize was Wil’s buddy, refused to do a thing and told me that I needed to get a thicker skin (I’ve heard that before). Then he said, “We love Wil Keiper here.” Then he told Wil that he could do whatever he wanted to me, that he didn’t care. After that I went to the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit, because as an author I am a public figure, and reported both Wil and Foo. Foo was forced to close the William Pattison profile and pull down all the threads Wil posted. Also, both Wil and Foo got served with notices that the FBI now had files open on them and if they pulled anything similar they could be put up on Federal charges.

After , Wil opened a new thread on Horror Yearbook  titled Hall of Honor: William Fattison, aka Eric Morse. On this thread to this day he continues the John Wayne Gacy bullshit, insults my podcasts, and even insults Mandy Beltran.

Also, when I had my first podcast, The Eric Morse Show, Wil kept trying to call in drunk and harass me and my co-host. He also continually disrupted my chat room. He got tired of doing this after four months and quit because I was constantly throwing him out. But to this day he and his friends keep sending me and my podcasts hate mail and letters telling me to kills myself, most of them saying “from your buddies at Horror Yearbook.”

So, here is our little moral of this blog post, don’t listen to the propaganda on the web. If you want to know me then you get to know me. I may have faults. I may be opinionated. But, I’m not the heartless monster or degenerate some of these people who have issues with me try to paint me as. You might actually find I’m light years better than what you’ve heard on the grapevine. All you have to do is give me a chance for once.

Oh, and here is a little song for those people who expect me to put on a fake happy face and pretend things are wonderful....This is for you.....