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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Call them Jen and Sylvia Scrooge

I have to laugh my ass off about this. Sylvia Soska just made complete and utter asses out of her and her sister. A friend of mine who is following Jen and Sylvia Soska just passed on the fact that Sylvia Soska just compared herself to Frank Cross (the Scrooge character played by Bill Murray) from Scrooged. How appropriate. She is comparing herself to a heartless, greedy, self absorbed, asshole. The way she and Jen are acting in regard to the situation with me, I have to heartily agree. It is called a Freudian slip and it is very telling, people. And so true. What wrong Sylvia you looking in the mirror and not liking what you see....

Oh, I can see the email Jen sends Sylvia after one of their butt kissers tells her about my post...."What the fuck, Sylvia? What the fuck are you doing? We are supposed to present ourselves as loving and about everyone and you say you feel like Scrooge? Are you fucking nuts, sis? We are supposed to be fucking fabulous, not self absorbed, greedy bitches. Even though we are...LOL" Yeah, I can see that confab of The Twisted Twins....LOL. The truth hurts, ladies.
So, ladies, your subconscious is getting the better of you. It even thinks you’re self absorbed, greedy, assholes. Wow that is fucked up.
Where is Carol Kane when you need her?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Update: The Soska Sisters Situation

So, as you've probably guessed the "False Friends" I talked about in the earlier blog are indeed Jen and Sylvia Soska. On August the 14th I blocked the Soska Sisters because the situation that started a year before had come to a head. I blocked them because they would have blocked me rather than being understand and willing to talk things out. Anyway, my sister, Jeanette Thompson, sent Jen and Sylvia a note saying how much it saddens her that they have decided to walk over someone who helped them and was a friend when they were starting out. She asked them to show some class and email me an apology so we could be friends again. So guess what the fabulous Soskas, that love everyone, did...They immediately blocked my sister. So much for what their "friend" Levi said on my thread about the radio show, "Just talk to them. I know they will be willing to talk. That's the way they are.". This is really telling about what the Soskas have become. I hope WWE Films is monitoring Facebook and reads this. I know several wrestlers. My dear friend Aleister Price was a wrestler. Wrestlers believe in honor and integrity. The Soskas are showing none of this. All I'm asking for is an apology for the personal hurt they caused me. That is all and they are too self center and self absorbed to do even that.

Also, I want to mention one more thing about my situation with the Soska sisters, and yes the understanding fantastic “We love you all.” Soska sisters still haven’t contacted me and apologized. Some people have said that I was wrong for blocking them and I don’t deserve an apology because I’m being childish and petty and unprofessional ect. One thing people keep forgetting is that in February Jen and Sylvia informed me that their policy is that any email they get that has any negativity in it will make them block the author of the emails. So, if I just sent them an email telling them how hurt I was and asked them to apologize and make it up to me, they would have blocked me without a reply or understanding or even trying to understand. All they care about is people stroking their egos and telling them how popular, beautiful, and talented they are. To be their friend now you have to kiss their asses or you are gone. This wasn’t always how it was, but it started after they got the big deal and started working on American Mary. Suddenly, they informed people they weren’t accepting IMs and they permanently put a do not disturb sign on their Skype account. Also, when you email them you get a message saying that they will put you on a list and you will get an appointment for your email to be answered. Excuse me. I talk to big time studio directors all the time and none of them, and they are universally more popular and famous than Jen and Sylvia Soska, have ever blocked people IMing them or tell people they need an appointment to get an answer to an email. Give me a fucking break. I IM with real stars, I won’t drop names, and they don’t act like that kind of an ego case snub. It is really telling about how much of a bloated ego Jen and Sylvia has gotten, when they pull shit like that. It’s like them saying “We are so important, powerful, and so high up now that we don’t have time to talk to you and you want to talk to us you have to make an appointment. So, don’t bullshit me with this “Oh, if you had only talked to Jen and Sylvia they would have understood and made up with you.” Sorry, the “We love you” Soskas don’t want to understand. They think they are too popular, important, and high up to have to understand. It is your fault they are that way (I’m talking to the ass kissers).
If See NO Evil 2 is a hit expect Jen and Sylvia to get worse. They will become the worst snobs in horror. You are creating tyrants. But, the truth is the chance of them making a hit with this film is next to nothing. I see Jen and Sylvia falling hard and WWE Films is building them up to that fall. They have given a $30,000,000 project to two girls who have done one horror film with so so reviews. Just to break even this film is going to need to make $100,000,000. The first film was in theatres a week and tanked. It nearly killed director Gregory Dark’s career, and he was a real artist. So, I see nothing good coming from this at all. I’m not being petty and I’m not being jealous. I’m being realistic. The fact that Jen and Sylvia along with Women in Horror demanded that the Soskas be put in Masters of Horror speaks volumes.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

False Friends and Hypocrites

Some people have said that I don’t care about anyone or anyone’s feelings. This is far from true. I do care. I care so much that I can’t stand by and let something I love be dragged down into the gutter. Also, I care for people’s feelings as long as they care about mine. Why should I care about the feelings of some douch bag who fucking stomps on mine. I don’t think so. The thing is, people, I expect to be treated with respect and consideration, just like all of you. If people show me disrespect and a lack of consideration I make them and everyone aware of the fact that I don’t appreciate that and that they are assholes for doing it. Why is it so hard for people to keep their word or not act like hypocrites? I’ve mentioned the fact that certain “friends” shit on me last year on my birthday. I’ve gotten a lot of flack from people who say, “How dare you talk about ****** and ****** . They love everyone and you have no right to say such things against them.” Excuse me? Let me see? The fact that they specifically said they were busy and wouldn’t be able to do “any “ podcasts during the month of August last year answers you question in spades. These “friends” shit on me. I asked them to come on my podcast for my birthday show, my fucking birthday. In August they amazingly found the time in their busy schedule to do three podcasts during the week of my birthday. And, to be even more low life and fucked up they did one of those podcasts, which of course wasn’t mine, on my birthday. Then just to rub salt in my fucking wounds these “friends” posted on Facebook that they were doing all these podcasts on the week of August the 13th because I quote “These are our friends and we love our friends and would do anything for them…” Is that right? I was your friend. It would have meant the world to have you come on my birthday show and wish me a happy birthday. But I guess it is as some of my friends in horror have said. I was useful in that I gave you a break and helped you early on. Now you’ve both gotten such big heads that me, Chris Highland, and my podcast are crap to you. You got your big and powerful and pretty horror social buddies and to you I and my feelings don’t matter. This is obvious because you have done nothing to make up for the incredible hurt you caused me last year. That’s right horror fans, the big stars couldn’t even give me the courtesy of an apology. No they were too busy stroking their own egos and partying to even care. That speaks volumes. Think about this the next time they spit out how they love all their fans and friends. It is all public relations bullshit. If it wasn’t they would have cared enough to make up for what they did or at least say “I’m sorry.” Next Tuesday it will be the one year anniversary of them shitting on me, meaning my birthday. Guess what I expect? Nothing. You know who I’m talking about, so I’m unwilling to promote them by using their names.