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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

William Pattison/Eric Morse’s Top Ten of Horror List of films I saw in 2014

William Pattison/Eric Morse’s Top Ten of Horror List of films I saw in 2014

Well, with every Tom, Dick, and Dummy putting up best of 2014 lists, I thought I would put up one of my own. After all in many ways I’m way more qualified to do this than a lot of these kids and horror nasties out there. At least I’ve studies every era of horror, unlike others who are stuck in the 80s. Now some of these are not from 2014 but it was this year I saw them. So if you have issue with this, stuff it…. So here we go starting with number 10….

10. The Barbadook
I have to say this film had plenty of atmosphere. Though it was made in Australia it has the feel of a Spanish film like those of  Guillermo del Toro. Also to this film’s advantage is it has the most annoying child performance of the year. It was brilliantly acted by the boy in question, because by the end of the film you wanted the kid to die horribly. On top of that you have those lovely tramatic moments where you remember the fear of your closet or what is under your bed…Awesome…

9. The Dead 2: India
This is the sequel to another favorite zombie film The Dead. This film takes place in India and you have new characters and a new army of the dead to our poor main character to fight through to get to his pregnant girlfriend. Shit it’s zombies and it’s good.

8. Jinn
This is a film that very few people got a chance to see but should have because it is awesome. If you love films like Night Watch and Day Watch you will love this film. God created three races…The Angels made of light, humans which are made of earth, and a third race made of fire known as the Jinn. In every generation of humans there is one man can keep the balance and keep the Djinn at bay.  Well written and well executed.

7. Odd Thomas
This is a fantastic adaptation of the first novel in Dean R Koontz’s popular supernatural series.

6. You’re Next
I know people are going to scream “That film came out in 2011!” I say fuck you. I saw this film in 2014. This is a superior slasher film that is full of plot twists. Nothing better than that…

5. Starry Eyes
Nothing I love better than films about Faustian deals. In this film the leading lady makes such a deal for fame and fortune…Good shit. Also this film has humor, depth, scares, and heart. As I say again….Good shit….

4. Inflicted
This is an incredibly well done film. Wonderful use of POV aka  found footage. An original take on a vampire. Finally good characterization. Good shit indeed.

3.The Taking of Deborah Logan
This is a fantastic possession film that explores the idea of mental illness as well. As well it takes advantage of the POV/ found footage style.

2. Big Bad Wolves
This film from Israel sports excellent character work, a very disturbing plot about a child murderer, as well as plenty of gritty gore….

1. Tusk
My number one is of course Kevin Smith’s trek into body modification horror. This film is fantastic because it combines disturbing horror, with amusing characters, and of course Smith’s ever present commentary on society. For me this is truly the best of the best for this year….


Other Films I loved that didn’t get on the list:
Sharknado 2
The Conjuring
Insidious 2
Bad Ass Spider

Oh, Hell No, that is fucking nasty films I saw in 2014:
See No Evil 2
Black Dahlia Haunting
Truth or Dare (The Jessica Cameron crapfest)
ABC’s of Death 2
VHS Viral
Leprechaun Origin
The Hospital

Biggest Fuck Ups in Horror:
The Soska Sisters
Jessica Cameron
Vince McMahon (After all he hired The Soskas)

Friday, November 14, 2014

An Amusing Thing Happened on the Bus Coming Home Today

Oh MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!! I swear I nearly shit my pants twice on the bus going home from work today. The reason I had the urge to deploy brown missiles? You ask. I swear I fucking came close to finding The Undiscovered Country. The thing is, Eric Morse lovers and haters, is that a fucking complete retard who is a regular on the bus, let’s call him Big Five Retard because he works at Big Five Sporting Goods in San Mateo. Why I call this guy a retard is because this guy will start jammering at the first person who makes eye contact with him, whether they want to talk or not. I, myself, have had to endure this torture on more than one occasion and have wanted to strangle the fucking bitch.
Well, on this lovely evening what I can only describe as a skinhead psycho security guard guy with a rather large pistol on his belt got on the bus dragging along with him one of those roller bags people are dragging around. His was Camo. Lovely. Also, I failed to mention the fact that he had Nazi symbols tattooed on his knuckles. Comforting.
Well, Skinhead Psycho Security Guard Guy gets on and immediately Big Five Retard addresses him. “Hello. How are you doing tonight. I am real tired myself because I work in retail and you walk a lot and bend and pick things up….” He blabbered on.
Psycho Security Guard Guy tells him flat out. “I don’t want to talk to anyone. I just want to be left alone.”
Well, undeterred, Big Five Retard asks him, “Are you religious, sir?”
Skinhead Psycho Security Guard Guy tells him, “ I don’t believe in any religion, not after what I’ve seen in the world. I believe in the glowing light of the harsh truth that others cannot face.”
Now excuse me, if anyone said that to me I would end the conversation right there and slowly make my way to the back of the bus and safety. Not Mr FUCKTARD Retardo. Nope, the brain trust continued on. Honestly, people, my jaw was on the floor. This fucker was asking to have his brains splattered on the windshield of the bus. I fucking swear to you.
Then Big Five Retard starts on the subject of morality. I shit you not! He starts, “Well, not to be insulting, because I’m a nice guy and I try not to insult others. I’m in retail so I know how to talk to people, but it seems to me that morally most people are reading from the wrong book…”
 Skinhead Psycho Security Guard Guy says, “I don’t have a good opinion on humanity, not after all I’ve seen and suffered. People are nothing but trash and they all deserve a bullet in the head in my opinion.”
And yet again Big Five Retard doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up and continues to yammer and Skinhead Psycho Security Guard Guy. Oh, joy! He say, “I did not want to offend you, sir, I’m a nice guy who just likes to talk to people like I do at work.”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” I silently scream at him. “Please, Skinhead Psycho Security Guard Guy, shoot him but spare the rest of us!”
Then God was merciful and we came to Big Five Retard’s stop. He gets off and waves a happy goodbye to all of us and leaves.
At that moment I let out my breath. I don’t know when I started holding it, all I know is I let it out. And a tear ran down my cheek.
If I could have I would have fallen off my seat and kissed the dirty nasty floor. I SURVIVED.
Amusingly enough after that Skinhead Psycho Security Guard Guy took his bag and gun and went to sit by himself in the back.
Finally, after an eternity, I got off the bus. To my shock Skinhead Psycho Security Guard Guy got off at the same stop as me. He glared at me and said, “You have a nice evening.”
I just nodded my head and carefully made my way past him and away.
I heard him say under his breath as I walked away, “I am a sinner.”
I wasn’t going to argue with him. I was just happy to be still alive….

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The True Gods of Horror

I was just in a discussion with a fellow writer about how to make sales. My advice to her was promote, promote, promote! Don’t think that the PR people at your publishing house is going to do it all themselves, they have a load of books to try to promote not just yours. As the author it is part of your job to bust down doors and get word of your creation out there. Remember writers you are gods, you create worlds. You hold the destinies of those you create in the palm of your hand. So, you need to get off your ass and make some noise, because no one will do it for you….
I’ve learned this over the years I’ve been doing horror. The problem is the horror community and especially those who think they run horror have no respect for writers, neither screen writers nor book writers; that is why we have been barraged with lack luster scripts and cookie cutter plots. Shit, I remember an argument I had with a big convention promoter. He told me writers were useless to him, that they don’t put butts on seats. He said in his opinions writers should shut up, pay for their tables, and be happy that they are allowed at conventions at all because they are considered beneath vendors and belong in the back of the vendors room. Here is what I got to say about this…get a fucking clue. Over the last seven years reading is back in style and with the invention of Nooks and Ebooks books are back in vogue and are in fact getting more popular than films even. Readers are finding the plots and characters more desirable in books than their counterparts on screen, especially in the horror genre. With big name scream queens dragging their way through performances with no heart and pretty much looking like they are on drugs, people are getting tired and revitalizing their imaginations with a good book. But still podcasts and conventions are still living in the 90s and don’t see what is clearly a fact in todays horror culture. The saviors of horror are not going to be The Twisted Twins or any other filmmakers unless they under crank those massive egos and ally themselves with the true gods of horror, the writers. Remember this a single writer can create terrors that even the great Stan Winston could never bring to life. Writers are the future of horror and people need to acknowledge that...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Answer to Article: Are The Stars Really Worth Our Interest?

I found an article in the San Mateo Weekly News. This was actually unusual because usually they write about uninteresting shit and their movie reviews annoy me….
Anyway this article was titled, Entertainment: Are the Stars Really Worth Our Interest? I was intrigued when I read this so I read on. The article talked about how Hollywood and the entertainment business has degenerated over the last fifteen years to the point that the majority of the stars are dysfunctional low lives who go from one embarrassing incident to the next and in all honesty treat their loyal fans like dirt. The author talked about the days when he was young and a lot of stars acted like role models to the public, like John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. He admitted that incidents did happen, but not like today. He pointed out incidents with Charlie Sheen and Justin Beiber as prime examples. He also express how disheartening it was for him to go to New York ComiCon and seeing Sylvester Stallone fleecing fan for $300 an autograph and then just pushing them along like cattle. The author asked the question of when these supposed icons where going to live up to the standards of the stars of the past? Then he answered it harshly. He says it won’t happen until the public gets tired of this childish behavior and hold these people to a higher standard. Which to me says it will never happen.
I’ve seen this crap way too much in the horror industry. I’ve seen supposed artists acting like spoiled children and petty bullies. It saddens me as well. I remember being completely disgusted when twenty supposedly iconic horror “stars” contacted me on the day that Twisted Terror Con started and went out of their way to laugh and insult me because that bitch Jessica Cameron (who was acting like an unprofessional child) demanded that I get tossed from the convention simply because she didn’t like me. Sorry, that and what the others did did not show class or any stretch of star quality. I lost a lot of respect for a number of people that day.The truth is in their hunger to make profits and sell their wears a lot of these stars forget the people they are supposed to care about, that being the fans. So, to the question: Are the Stars Worth Our Interest? Not if they are going to act like drunken, money hungry, unfeeling, dysfunctional, jackasses. You want the title of “Star” then live up to it. That is just a suggestion…

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Truth: The Twists and Turns of my Critics

Amusingly earlier today I did a Google check to see if anyone was mentioning the upcoming release of Psychotic State: The Novel. After looking at nearly ten pages of links to my Facebook pages, podcasts, and blogs I ended up running into a blog page done by one of my haters. In fact I’d seen it once before and had actually commented because this person and six other people were twisting facts and insulting me. I learned a valuable lesson when I did that because they took my comments and further twisted them out of context and meaning. They did this just so they could try to discredit what I’ve said about the horror socials, the horror nasties, and especially The Soskas. Also, the truth is these pathetic low lives actually get off on doing this.
Now looking back at it nearly half a year later I have to laugh at these idiots and conflict mongers. Seriously, one of the things that they kept on saying was that for some reason I was expected to debate with them and defend my statements and defend my podcasts. I don’t have to do a thing. It is my choice if I want to debate with anyone or not. In this case it would have been a waste of time. All these people would have done is twist every word I said and throw them back at me. The fact is I’ve been too busy actually being creative and working on a project rather than wasting my breath on trolls.
Also they make a big deal about how I block and then rip into the trolls and assholes who violate my personal profile. Tough shit. Lots of people on Facebook do the exact same thing. If people come on their profile to cause shit they block them and then after they and their friend talk shit about them. Shit I remember when Michelle Shields (by the way where the fuck is she??? The answer is gone from the scene) blocked me, even though I never came on her profile and caused trouble. Thanks to a friend I saw that Michelle and her friends ripped into me and bad mouthed me for twenty-two pages worth of posts. I sincerely doubt the same can be said for me when I’ve blocked people. I got better things to do.
Oh, I might add that I find it amusing that my critics spend so much time and effort talking about my weight. If you actually look at the majority of my basher's pictures most of them look like rejects from Duck Dynasty or Mountain Monsters. Give me a fucking break. If you are a fat ugly fuck don’t be calling others fat ugly fucks name or photoshop pictures of them. It makes you look like a bunch of clowns. Look in the mirror people. You aren’t exactly the beautiful people either Porky. It makes me laugh.
Also, for their own bullshit purposes my haters and critics have tried to make out that I had an issue with women in horror in general when in fact my issues are with one organization, which is really more of a clique. The sad part is if this organization did what it blusters about on its website it would be a valuable resource for young female horror artists to get a leg up, but instead they waste their time on charity work that doesn’t even forward their cause and they promote members who are already over hyped. It saddens me for the loss of potential and how egos and self promotion has left the people who could be helped in need. Yet the way these conflict mongers paint me I hate women and think in general that they can’t do horror and that I think they are all stupid. This bullshit amuses me because I do support many female horror people who I respect and honestly care about. One of those people is none other than Debbie Rochon. I’ve known DRo for years and have admired and supported her work. Another is April Burril. Same as Dro, I’ve known April for a long time and we have nothing but mutual respect for each other and our works. Then there is Maria Olsen. I met Maria a few years ago and have nothing but respect for her. The final person I will mention, though she is not the last, is JA Steel. JA is a fine filmmaker and deserves more credit than she gets. She makes horror films, not feminist horror films. Her films speak of what is good in horror and what other female filmmakers should strive to do, make good tight horror films that are pure horror without bullshit hype or politics.
Finally, these trolls and haters have twisted my issues with Jen and Sylvia Soskas so bad it doesn’t even resemble the truth. I remember one of my critic blustering about how he was going to make public the message I wrote to The Soskas before I blocked them. What is even more funny was this person painted me as being an idiot and acted like what I said was some great nasty secret that was going to burn and destroy me. Here is the funny part….My critic needed to do better research because I made that letter public when I read it on my podcast the very day I blocked them and posted it on my blogs. That is called public knowledge. Also, I’ve posted the story of what happened and why I blocked The Sockas a dozen times and my story has never changed. It was never about they wishing me happy birthday. My critics just pushed that bullshit to make me look petty and an ass.  It was about respect and consideration for a person who knew the great and fabulous Soskas before they became the over hyped circus act they’ve become. It was about one statement that they said that was a full on slap to my face, that being : “We are doing this last minute because these are our friends and we will do anything for a our friends.” Two months before as a friend (aka person who had known them three years at the time) I asked if they could come on my podcast and do a 45 minute phone interview, and yes the show I was asking them to do was on August 13th, my birthday. They said they couldn’t do it because they were going to be at a convention and would not have the time. Now here is the thing, I’ve asked Monique Dupree, Ari Lehman, PJ Sole, Mike Mendez, Eric Red, Kevin Tenney, and a score of other high profile horror “celebrities” if they could do a short interview at a convention and they have shown me nothing but curtsy and respect. Yet, Jen and Sylvia, whom I gave a break to when they were nobodies not only said no, they shit on me and the three years we had known each other and did nine hours of podcasts when they couldn’t give me and my podcast 45 minutes. And here is the thing, it is not that my podcast is a nothing piece of shit. My podcast, which is syndicated on six different websites as well as Blog Talk radio, currently has over 20,000 listeners worldwide. What it was was that I and the other members of The Wolf Pack are not part of the clique The Soskas now belong to, aka The Horror Socials. The truth is the three podcasts that they shit on us over were run by members of this clique. So, the truth is the fabulous “I love you” Soskas (I notice they've stopped saying that and the bullshit “fuck” every other word shitque they used to do for attention) played politics and slammed an old associate to impress their clique. Very white of you girls.Real class.
Now to another thing my critics twisted about my issues with the Soskas. They say I talk down American Mary and their newer projects simply because I don’t like them now. Wrong. I don’t like American Mary because the last twenty minutes of the film is badly written shit, thus the film as a whole is shit. Simple as that. People in the horror community ripped apart The Last Exorcism because the last ten minutes of the film was pure and utter shit. But here is my issue….Last Exorcism gets ripped while American Mary gets praised and wins prizes and the Soskas get called geniuses for a film that the last twenty minutes is shit. Don’t you see something off about that? The truth is American Mary didn’t get praised for being a good film, it got praised because most of the critics were drinking buddies or people who socialize with the Soskas. You can tell by most of the reviews, it is as clear as day. The reviewers would keep saying “American Mary is not a perfect film. The last twenty minutes is lack luster, but the Soskas are geniuses and the film is the best thing to happen to horror in the past ten years." Excuse me. Translated this means, “The film sucks but we are going to give it a good review because Jen and Sylvia hung out with us at ComiCon and flirted. They are one of us and they deserve hype.” That is the sad truth. Even Jen and Sylvia admit in interviews that they were over their depth and needed their hands held all through the production. But of course the horror community ignores these confessions, like they ignored Danielle Harris saying she hated independent horror and wanted to stick to doing $30,000,000 projects with WWE and the Soskas because they stroked her ego. I’m sorry, but I’ve been honest with my opinions, not because I dislike the Soskas personally but because I am being honest, unlike a lot of you. I’ve been honest in my thoughts on See No Evil 2 and so far I’ve been right. The Soskas fucked up the film because once again they were out of their depths and WWE has had to spend nearly a year fixing that cluster fuck of a film. The result is The Soskas masterpiece is not getting a theatrical release (which Jen and Sylvia said was going to be a sure thing because they are such great filmmakers) and will be limited to VOD and DVD/Blueray. Sorry that is simply the truth not hate. I don’t honestly hate the girls. I hate what they’ve become and I’m disappointed with them. I saw potential in them and they betrayed that for the easy way to fame. Now they are starting to pay for it. Honestly, I hope Sylvia wins her battle with Jen in regard to them leaving horror and going back to action exclusively. I liked Dead Hooker in the Trunk. It was a good , tight, film. They are not good horror directors. They really don't have the eye for it. The only reason Jen is bucking on the idea of doing action is because she will lose her Women in Horror (the organization) status and her status with the horror socials. Sylvia is the smart one and knows her talents are wasted in horror. I really do hope she wins. Maybe if they get away from the horror socials and the ego cases in horror they might get back some of what they’ve lost the last few years. They might reflect the girls I knew years ago and respected. Who knows I might even get that email I’ve been waiting way too long for. All it takes is a single olive leaf, girls.

So there you have it. I’ve explored my haters and critics and blew away their bullshit hopefully and presented the truth. It is up to you know either to read this and understand or be like a friend say and only glance over this and fill in what you haven’t read with your own prejudices. It is up to you.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Oh, my fucking god, I just saw the trailers for Leprechaun Origin and See No Evil 2. Vince McMahon, you are a fucking idiot and I’m glad your fucking empire is crumbling around you. You and your crew at WWE know nothing about good horror and you hire idiots and hacks. My fucking god! Leprechaun Origin is supposed to be the origin story  for the iconic character that Warwick Davis made popular. The fans wanted that beloved character and what the fuck do you give them, Golem. That’s what came to mind when I saw that piece of crap. I was actually looking forward to this film, but now I’m going to avoid like the fucking plague.
Oh, and don’t get me started with the Soskas’ clusterfuck, See No Evil 2. For months I’ve been saying that this film is going to be total crap, after all it is taking Vince and crew a year to try and fix this fucked up piece of shit. The trailer showed that I was right in spades. This film looks horrid. Danielle Harris looks like she’s on drugs in the trailer. The Soskas because they are so up Katherine Isabelle’s ass tried to give her an “original” look. What came out was a screwy looking mess. Isabelle has a overly long neck and buggie eyes. The girls put her hair up which only intensifies these weaknesses in her attractiveness. Also the lighting and color work in the film sucks balls. It is too dark, much like their error in American Mary. Also it is very muddy looking. This doesn’t add creepyness it just makes the shots muddy. Finally, this is Kane. What the fuck did you do to him? You can’t even recognize the fucker with all the hardware and stuff stuck to his face. The fans of the original film wanted to see Kane, but any bulky fucker could have played the part and you wouldn’t know the difference. Bad move, ladies. No wonder Vince’s crew has been busting their asses trying to fix this disaster.
Sorry, Vince, you’ve wasted $30,000,000 more on your on fucking turds made by hacks. If this is how you run your businesses it is no wonder wrestler are planning to walk out and you are loose money by the bus loads….But this is just my option….

Monday, May 5, 2014

Faust, and the Sad Situation with Cliques....

By William Pattison,aka Eric Morse

Over the weekend I got a chance to briefly chat with the Wolf Pack's intro girl Mary Madcox, aka Nurse Hatchet. We were talking about a project she is doing related to the story of Faust. I complimented on her choice of subject matter because Faust is very significant to the horror community these days. It saddens me that artists believe that they need to do what is essentially Faustian deals with cliques, because they feel that is the only way to make it in this industry. They act like the quality and originality of their work is pretty much insignificant unless they are in the cool crowd and have their approval. this brought up a memory I had of a talk I had with Violet VanDoren on this same subject. Violet had it in her head that she needed to be in a clique to get a chance to have her novels promoted and to become famous. I tried to tell her that if you have talent you don't need the approval of a clique or any kind of social group. Your work will find its audience on its own. All a clique provides is ego stroking because the fact is the person in the clique doesn't have the confidence to believe in their own work. The answer I got from Violet was I was being negative and narrow minded because I don't like cliques. It is true I don't like cliques. I mourn every artist who throws away their moral integrity for the cheap falseness that those groups encourage. It is a tragedy that, like Faust, these artists sell their souls because they don't have enough confidence in themselves to stand up and let their work speak for itself. A true artist stands on their own feet and believes in their own work. That is not being negative, that is being truthful, something these cliques shy away from. Sorry, if you don't like my opinion. It is the truth according to me, and that is the one person I have complete confidence in.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wikipedia Bans Eric Morse From Its Knowledge Database

Wikipedia, which is supposedly a repository of all knowledge for the internet, just recently deleted all knowledge of author Eric Morse (aka William Pattison, aka Me) from their online database. The reason for this is because former managing editor for Fangoria Magazine, Bob “Uncle Bob” Martin complained saying that Eric Morse’s biography was “nothing but a vanity profile that is totally fictitious.” Martin even had Morse’s reference and that of his books in the section on the Friday the 13th franchise of Wikipedia taken out and “some young adult novels by an author” put in their place. The reason for this is because “Uncle Bob” said that none of the information in Morse’s Wikipedia biography had sufficient references to reasonably verify the information. When Bob Martin went on Eric Morse’s Facebook profile because Morse made a post about the situation, he stated the fact that not only did he have both references erased and made the claim that none of the references on the biography were valid. Of course, after Uncle Bob stated this Wolf Pack Podcast co-host Derek Young and Eric Morse produced twenty-five references in five minutes that clearly supported everything on Eric Morse’s biography. Uncle Bob had to back off and even gave Eric a link to a person at Wikipedia to talk to. Yet, after this, Bob Martin went on to have two hundred people sign a petition to have Eric Morse’s biography and any reference to the author and filmmaker banned from being posted on Wikipedia. Since then six people have tried to restore Eric Morse’s biography to the online database only to have their work erased and them to get warnings from Wikipedia not to try again. Here is a question for you, horror community, with all the hard work done by Uncle Bob and others to have Eric Morse and his works erased, doesn’t that in it’s own way prove that the author/filmmaker is either so very famous or so very infamous that Wikipedia as the internet repository of knowledge for the internet really does in fact need to reference him in order to maintain the integrity of the accuracy and completeness of their data base? It is a major fault in democracy that a loud minority can get power of over a silent and disinterested minority. We see that all the time in the horror community with the horror socials and how this small group manipulates things in the horror community. The truth is that more than likely there are probably far more people who are fans of Eric Morse and his books; definitely far more than the two hundred people who disliked Morse and  who signed Uncle Bob’s petition. Yet, those two hundred people managed to present a situation that made the supposed repository of all knowledge for the internet go against its own mission statement and erase the biography of a person who is clearly a public figure in horror at the very least, thus worthy of reference in said database. What does this say about Wikipedia? Also, what does this say about Uncle Bob Martin? According to reliable sources,Uncle Bob during this situation has gone on Mike White’s website Impossibly Funky and has outright bragged about how he has put Eric Morse in his place and has really fixed him. It is obvious, given all the bragging, that Uncle Bob’s motivation was more to cause trouble for the author and be petty because he for some reason doesn’t personally like him rather than act for the public good. The question in the end is what does this say about this supposed repository of knowledge? It is a puppet for the minority and what they want as knowledge for the internet, or is it as it is supposed to be, a truthful data base of knowledge that is not compromised by popular propaganda. The deletion of knowledge is just that, the deletion of knowledge, thus if Wikipedia supports the deletion of knowledge because of minority support than it is not worthy of the trust of its users…..

Here is some music to read by....

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Video Blog: Eric Morse is Watching 1

Join Eric Morse for the first of his new video blog series, Eric Morse is Watching. In this segment Eric talks about the horror socials and the masks they wear. He also rebutts some the the criticisms against him.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Aaron Dodge Rebuts Eric Morse's BBB Complaint and Ends Up Looking Like A Butt

Well, I got notice from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) today saying Aaron Dodge write a rebuttal to my complaint against Twisted Terror Convention. It was exactly what I expected. He called me a bully and a harasser and said I was threatening him and his convention, which is a lie. Complaining about a wrong to the proper agency and in public is not threatening or harassing. He tried to make it out that I was somehow a threat to his guests and they didn’t feel safe with me taking part. Excuse me? I have never threatened anyone with physical harm, through a number of Aaron’s buddies have in emails. No one has any court orders against me and I don’t have any restraining orders against me. My record is clear. If people don’t like the fact I think they are ego case assholes that is not bullying or harassing that is telling the truth. In fact it is more a case of the people Aaron is making out as victims who are guilty of bullying and harassing and what they hate is the fact I got proof to back my statements up. Aaron even tried to say my being a part of the convention cost them a sponsor. Give me a break. I, one single writer, is such a huge nasty evil threat that a sponsor is going to bow out simply because of my participation. That is unprofessional in the extreme and childish. It just amazed me how full of bullshit Aaron Dodge was. Instead of focusing on the central issue, like I did all he did is try to character assassinate me. It was a joke. He even tried to say that Women in Horror Month were the ones who pushed him to get rid of me. I don’t think even they would be that big of asses. That would royally blow that fake image of theirs of being the benevolent non-profit trying to right wrongs and make poor unappreciated women get the appreciation they deserve…Nope that would make them look like a bunch of female gangsters and bullies. So, they would never do something like that.

Anyway, I’ve further rebutted his statements and hit him with a bit of contract law. The fun is just beginning….

Thursday, February 27, 2014

According to Contact Law: Setting it Straight.

You know what, people, I've been getting a lot of bullshit and ignorance from a lot of you in regard to my situation with Twisted Terror Convention. I've been told that I'm being unprofessional by making this public. I've been told I need to walk away because I have no legal or contractual standing. Also, it has been said that I was providing Twisted Terror Convention a service and it was within their rights to cancel that service. Also, people, are saying this is a social issue that is just between me and Aaron and Dorine. Finally, it has been said that I'm trying to bring down a "great convention run by wonderful and professional convention organizers. All this is incorrect and shows the general horror community's ignorance of contract law and the situation at hand. So, let me inform you, because the law of the land does not say you are allowed your opinion. You are allowed your informed opinion. Anything less is you just pissing in the wind. First point, in regard to this being a social is not. It is an issue between business entities. The entity named William Pattison, aka Eric Morse had a contract with a business entity called Twisted Terror Convention, aka Twisted Terror Productions. This is about business and when businesses do wrong it is both a public and business issue. It shows how a business does business and if other businesses should trust doing business with that business. Next point, about my legal and contractual standing. Twisted Terror Convention clearly and illegally broke a legal contract with me. In contract law it is stated that if it is not stated in the contract it doesn't exist. No where in the contract that I signed did it state that Twisted Terror Convention had the right to cancel my contract at their own will. What is written into the contract is that I had a guarantee that I would have a table and an appearance at the convention. Also, just because Aaron and Dorine returned the fee I paid to reserve my table does not in the law make us even and clear. Because of the guarantee stated in the contract and the fact that there wasn't a clause saying they could cancel the contract they are still libel to that guarantee. So, according to the law they are legally bound to find me another table and appearance at another venue and if they can't find it in the area they must pay the difference incurred to get me into that venue (meaning travel expenses, board, and convention fees). I'm not bullshitting you this is contract law. Next point, it was mentioned a couple times that I was providing Twisted Terror Convention a service. No I was not. It is the reverse they were providing me a service I paid for. If it was the opposite they would be paying me and that would open up another can of worms entirely. Last point, about how this is a great convention run by wonderful and professional organizers. It is obvious that I have shown that as business people Aaron Dodge and Dorine Hartnett suck at business. They are so ignorant that they have broken a legal contract and brought a ton of liability on themselves as a result. Also, kicking me out of the convention because three (or no matter the number) people don't personally like me is an unprofessional move in the extreme. There was no legal reason they did this. There was no court order saying I couldn't appear with said people. There was no restraining order. And, if not liking someone personally was a valid reason for kicking someone out of a conventions conventions would fall because all their guests would be kicked out at the whims of the others. You call that professional? You call them wonderful for doing such an unprofessional and illegal thing? I want all artist, actors, directors, vendors, and especially sponsors to look at what I've written here and stop acting like social teenagers dealing with horror club and act like mature business people. I have stated this unemotionally and with a professional understanding of contractual law. I say they are not good business people and shouldn't be trusted by any professional with integrity and business smarts. Thank you for your time.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Twisted Terror Con, Conventions, and Silence

I just had some asshole tell me I have to shut my mouth about what Twisted Terror Convention did to me because the politics behind the scenes is something the public shouldn't know. I believe the opposite is true; all this crap needs to be made public and these assholes need to be held accountable. Sitting in silence only allows the black listings, abuse and petty politics to continue. Conventions were once like county fairs. People went to be entertained and to learn things. Now they are petty popularity contests that cater pretty much too only those who kiss the organizers asses or who are their drinking buddies. The people who lose are the fans who get far less than they deserve. Artists, don't let these assholes get away with pissing on you. You aren't trash you are all artists and deserve respect and consideration. Aaron Dodge and Dorine Hartnett didn't respect me or give me consideration in the least. People keep saying I'm bashing these "wonderful" convention organizers.  How the fuck are they wonderful. I've told you the truth. They told me in February that they were not going to let petty politics run their convention. These hypocrites sat there and said they had gone to conventions and were appalled by the politics and the way artists were treated. They guaranteed me a table and a place in the convention. Then they tossed me like a used piece of toilet paper because Jessica Cameron, Brandon Slagle, and Nikolas Gabowsky said they didn't personally like me. Excuse me? If that was a good excuse for kicking someone out of a convention 90% of the horror industry would be kicked out of them. So, here is the thing, people, I see you gushing about how "wonderful" Aaron Dodge and Dorine Hartnett is or how fantastic Twisted Terror Convention is be prepared to get a reality check from me. I'm not a basher or a troll, I'm a victim. By calling me a basher you are trying to make out that I’m the wrong doer and these assholes have done nothing wrong and deserve support. That is a complete twisting of the truth. They wronged me and by doing this they are not worthy of the trust of the public or any artists in horror. The only reason you say these things is because of your own petty self interest and a like of heart and compassion. Heart and compassion is one of the greatest gifts that civilization has given to us and it is sad and disheartening to see such a lack of it in the horror community. So, get this straight assholes, I'm not going to be silent. Silence is what caused all of this.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jessica Cameron Shows Her True Face, or Da’ Bitch Be Lyin’

Well, unless you are living in a hole you couldn’t help but see the commotion going on on Facebook and around the horror community. The thing is that Actress ( say that with a bad taste in my mouth) Jessica Cameron just cancelled her appearance at Twisted Terror Con. Yes, that is the convention she went out of her way to get me kicked out of, well her and a couple other of her horror social buddies.
Anyway, that isn’t the note worthy part of this, though I’m happy that she is out of the convention. No, Jessica in true horror social fashion couldn’t do honest about her reason for leaving so she told a massive lie on her Facebook profile. Here it is:

Hey peeps - its true, I cancelled my appearance at the Twisted Terror Convention. When I was first approached to do this con there were some great guests lined up, but alas the guest line up has since become cluttered with extras and even a woman whose only real film credit was that of craft services. Now lets be clear - i LOVE extras and craft service people. However - these are not the calliber of guests that a horror con should be advertising, nor are they the type of guests that I feel warrant horror fans spending money to see. If I could not in good conscience encourage others to attend, there was no point in myself attending. Time is the most valuable gift that we have, and if you really want to spend your time around crafty and extras, then I encourage you to work on a film set - you will have more fun and even get paid rather then spending your own money ; ) XO J"

So, Jessica, let her mask slip and the public got to see what a truly arrogant bitch she is. Also the thing is her reason she post here is complete and utter bullshit. The reason she walked out of Twisted Terror Con was because Aaron “The Prick” Dodge and Dorine “The Bitch “ Hartnett brought on the Etheria Film Festival as part of the convention. From what I’ve heard from a very reliable source Jessica Cameron hates the person running the film festival.

So, here is the truth. Jessica didn’t get her way and had a tantrum and attacked innocent people. Very professional. So people there you have it. Now she has screwed herself over and now her “sisters” and once fans are going to crucify her, which puts a smile on my face.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What is a Horror Social?

A lot of my denouncers keep posting about what I mean by the term horror social. Some of them actually ramble on about how they are not horror socials and how horror socials don’t really exist. Just today one of the horror socials on her blog asked “What the fuck is a horror social anyway?” So, I felt it is time to educate people on exactly who the horror socials are and why I say they are one of the major causes of horror, both the genre and the community, going down the tubes. Hey the question was asked after all.

One of the main characteristics of horror socials is that they are unbelievable ego cases. These people think that they are so far above the common horror fan, filmmaker, journalist,…you name it that they are a class all their own and are allowed to do the most horrendous things to others while maintaining their false PR image. You see these people on Facebook, conventions, and film festivals. They are the ones (I’m not talking Kan Hodder, Robert Englund, or any of the other real stars of horror…) that think they are “fucking fabulous” and that everyone must love and worship them. They are the ones that post up to eight hundred pictures of themselves at San Diego ComiCon. That is right. They took over eight hundred pictures, and everyone one of them with them as the center piece. Also they are the people who always take pictures of themselves at “The Wall”. You know about the wall. Every scummy convention or film festival puts this up to make it look like The Cannes Film Festival or some huge high profile star studded event. This is the wall with all the sponsor names all over it and has the fake ten foot piece of red carpet in from of them. Horror Socials stand in front of this and act like they’re at the Oscars. But this is because they delusionally think they are “fucking fabulous.” and so above all those other little people in the horror community. If they are female they fill their Facebook profiles, yes they always have more than one, with their “modeling” pictures. Most of these are skanky pics of them just to draw in horny male and lesbian horror fans. I recall one horror social who offered horny horror fans an autographed picture of her in a wet T-shirt just to get people to get VIP tickets for a convention she was a part of. I recall some other supposed “genius” filmmakers that on the extras section of their DVD that they did a walk through of the sets of their film naked. Finally, I recall that a horror social (a director/actor) told a friend of mine that he found if funny that after he got “famous” that those people (meaning horror fans and people outside his clique) think they have the right to criticize his films. He told my friend that the only people whose opinions count are other filmmakers he knows and his friends (meaning his clique).

Another characteristic of a horror social is they lack the class of a real star. The thing is when someone comments in a negative way against them or their work, which is usually lack luster; they gather their forces and attack in mass. You see a real star wouldn’t do this. They would handle it mono-e-mono, without calling in their minions or cult-like fans or drinking buddies. Horror Socials can’t do this. They have to have a show of force to show how superior they are and play up to the friends. Another thing they do in these attacks is perpetrate ad hominem attacks. They will make statements like the person who does not agree with them and the other horror socials superiority somehow has a mental disorder or that they are creepy, or even a stalker (I think Adrienne King or Heather Langencamp would take issue with this). Also these people make disgusting or questionable posts. I recently saw a post where a known thug and horror social posted the very classless post that she and two other horror socials were going throw tampons at people at Texas Frightmare. Also, a group of these ego cases posted that they were part of the Arian sisterhood. They considered this sarcastic humor, because supposedly this along with posting swastikas and pictures of Hitler were against an actress who posted concentration camp pictures on one of their walls. Well, two wrongs don’t make a right and posting Nazi images is not funny in the least. I think a few thousand murdered German Jewish people would take issue with that kind of belly laugh. But, for ego case horror socials good taste and class are beneath them because they are so above the rest of us and have the right to do whatever they want, no matter how disgusting and fucked up to the rest of us.

Another characteristic is that these people believe that they run horror, and the horror community, and only they and their friends deserve to be able to finance their projects, promote themselves, do interviews, have articles done on them, and be part of conventions. Don’t you love the fact that the decision as to if or if not you get donations for your Indie GoGo campaign depends of who hung out and got drunk with who at ComiCon or the RIP Film Festival?  This is the part that royally hits me personally. The thing is in the world of the horror social it isn’t what you’ve done for horror or your body of work, or even who you are. In their world the only thing that matters is who you know, who you associate with, who are your drinking buddies, or whose butt you are kissing at the moment? This is a sad truth of the horror community. In their world this is what determines if you get articles or interviews in Fangoria or the other horror mags, or even most horror websites. I learned this the hard way when I emailed Rebekah McKendry at Fangoria (she gave me her card at Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2011 and said for me to contact her if I wanted an interview) and asked if I could get an interview to talk about my Camp Crystal Lake Novels and what I’ve been doing the last few years. She gave me the following reply, “I’ll give your bio to my editors and see if they give a shit about your work.” Excuse me?  I’m a six time published author who has written screenplays for four films that have been distributed, yet I’m treated like a beggar with a bowl while The Twisted Twins and their buddies have only to ask and they instantly get the red carpet treatment. This because Jen and Sylvia are part of the horror socials clique. I also recall contacting The Horror Society podcast (the supposed voice of the independent scene) and asking them about doing an interview about Psychotic State, both the film and the book I’m writing. This was months ago and they never even gave me the consideration of a fuck you, just silence as an answer. And, something even more telling was recently when my co-host Derek Young was invited to do a podcast. The host of the podcast told him that her “sponsors”, an organization made up of the horror social clique, informed her that they didn’t want her to interview Derek and she couldn’t have on Eric Morse at all either. Well, this host showed some strength and went against the horror socials and  not only had Derek on her podcast but also yours truly. But this is the rarity. I’ve heard over and over from podcasts that they aren’t allowed to have me on because their “sponsors” don’t like me. Also, smaller podcasts that have had me on or planned to have been barraged with threats and hate mail from horror socials and their friends. And, now we come to conventions. I will mention the recent incident of me being kicked out of the convention Twisted Terror Convention because three horror socials on their guest list (two independent actors/filmmakers and actually an author/publisher who was added to the guest list after I was kicked out) said they wanted me out because they didn’t personally like me and my participation conflicted with them. The fact is I also heard from a convention organizer a year earlier that because I wanted to be a part of her convention she was barraged with hate mail from horror socials and their buddies telling her not to have me. Also, last year my podcast put up a Indie Go Go to help finance our season so we could afford to do two hour shows. Well, a number of my friends in the horror community informed me that they were actually threatened by members of the horror socials clique not to donate. So these actions make it clear that the hallmark of horror socials is that they use gangster style intimidation tactics to manipulate decisions in the horror community. How do you like them so far folks?

The final characteristic of the horror socials is they are just plain fakes and liars. These people try to push on the horror community that they love all of them, that they care so much for the horror genre, and that all they do is give back to the horror community. This is all PR bullshit with not a lick of truth to it. The truth is all they see the fans as are meal tickets and a way to stroke their own bloated egos. They will go to conventions and spout at the fans their love yet behind their backs they’ll talk shit about some of them and use them. I recall a letter I got from a horror social actress a couple years ago. She stated, which was uncommonly honest for a horror social, that she had no respect for her fans or the people on her Facebook page; that they were only for her to use to make money and promote herself.  Also, if that wasn’t amusing enough, I had a friend who said he was at  a few conventions and saw horror socials talking shit about fans. He even told me they got blatantly insulting once the fan was outside hearing range. Also, these people say they care so much about the genre yet they don’t even know enough about the genre to be able to make competent films. The truth is most horror socials only know the popular films from the 80’s to present. According to them the old films that are not slasher films, body modification, splatter porn, or other new genre favorites are not  important because all they need to cater to is these limited subgenres to make money in horror. And of course finally there is that whole giving back the horror community. Most of the time what these charitable acts are are chances for photo opportunities and to get to say how “fucking fabulous” they are. If you see a horror social promoting anything it is usually for another horror social and only if there is something in doing it that if for their advantage. I have never seen or been given a break or help from any of the horror socials (this stated because the podcaster who let me on her show I’ve never considered a horror social, she is a victim of circmstances…). As I’ve said none of these assholes would ever lift a finger to help me, because I’m not in their “social circle” (clique). I’ve mentioned till I’m blue in the face about the two horror social filmmakers I asked to be on my birthday show (and no R it was not that they were supposed to call me on my birthday. You get that wrong just to be a fucking bitch asshole. A typical horror social trick.) for my podcast. These horror socials even went so far as to be total asshats and not only not be on my show, but went on three other podcasts to rub salt into my wounds (in typical horror social fashion). And to add a cherry to the wound said, “We did these podcasts because they are our friends and we’ll do anything for our friends.” (Yeah, you even do their podcasts and say this crap when you told me the studio dictated what podcasts you could do and you had no choice on the ones you could do….Another example of a horror social  bullshit lie…) The truth is these people would never think of helping someone unless it could benefit them and make them look good in the public eye (unlike me to the thousandth place).

So there you have it. Here is the answer to the question. The above is a description in detail of who and what the horror socials are. Not a very pretty picture, but the truth. That is something you can rely on from me I will never lie to you, on the other hand all you can expect from a horror social is lies, fakery, and manipulation. And of course you will see them making post about this blog denouncing it as lies and slander and that I’m slamming hard working artists, because I’m such a sad loser. Say it to someone who believes you bullshit. Sorry, this is the truth and it is burning you assholes because you are all nothing but vampires sucking the life out of horror. So, you have a good night and remember to look deeply in that mirror in the morning. Do you like what you see?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Women in Horror Month Announcement: A Turn A Round or More Bullshit?

Well, horror fans, I was amused to find the following post on Facebook this morning:

Women In Horror Recognition Month

Announcement #2: Women In Horror Recognition Month will ***no longer be requiring a seal***. Even though it was never our intention we found it created a barrier. This year we hope you will email us, tweet us, message us, so we know what you are doing and we can promote it. If you are holding an event, a blog series, making a PSA, etc we want to feature it on all our social pages & blog but we can't do it if we don't know about it. That was one advantage of our old "seal request form" mostly a way to know what was happening. Sometimes people have thought we were snubbing them- really we just didn't know what you were up to. So we totally want to hear from you! ;P The only thing we will not promote is anything that doesn't fit with the WiHM mission or anything that is blatant self promotion. We want you to highlight other people and create spaces in your communities to showcase art and films by women you dig and that inspire your work. This is a great way to network and meet other amazing people working in the industry you may never have otherwise. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to Feb! xox & even though it goes without saying: WiHM is for everyone regardless of gender! Let's have fun!!

Now don’t get down on me. I’m not going to go all critical on this and call it complete bullshit. On the contrary I fully agree with this move. I never thought the seal bullshit was a good idea, that is why Artists in Horror month doesn’t have a “Seal” of approval. Actually we don’t need one. One other thing I’m hope they will keep to the section of their announcement about blatant self promotion. The last couple of years that has been all we have seen from Women in Horror Month is blatant self promotion from their “board” members and “ambassadors”. According to their mission they are supposed to be given recognition to those women in horror who are neglected. So, I’m hoping this means that they won’t be flooding Facebook and their page with endless photos of  The Twisted Twins mugging for photos at their blood drive. I never understood how a blood drive hosted by Jen and Sylvia Soska , board members of Women in Horror Month, in anyway gives recognition to women in horror that are not being recognized or brings a spotlight on why they are not being recognized. I guess I'm missing something, or not. To me it looks more like Jen and Sylvia mugging and saying “Look at us! Aren’t we so FUCKING cool!”, which in the end gets into that pesky self promotion promise WIHM has made in this announcement. I look forward to hearing about the film festivals that are not just playing and promoting films by only WIHM members and their friends. I also look forward the blog profiles that will be written about little known female artists in horror that have been ignored over the over hyped vampires that have dominated and taken over the female horror scene.

I have to say that it is my hope and prayer that WIHM does a complete turn around from how things have been the last couple of years, because they have strayed from those they have said they’ve wanted to help and have become something they should have avoided.

With the following said, and simply as a suggestion to help WIHM return to an organization that all women can be proud of, I suggest that they need to adopt a standards of behavior for representatives of this non-profit organization representing women in horror and their issues. May I suggest the following as a start:

  1. Representatives, aka “Ambassadors” should not use the following terms in describing others when they are involved in anything remotely involving WIHM or feminism: Misogynist, mental case, stalker, creep, pervert. That is unless they feel secure that they can back up these assertions in a court of law. Remember slander and libel are criminal acts. Name calling and insulting  also does nothing to show your organization in a positive light.
  2. Representatives, aka “Ambassadors” will not use negative political or racist symbols in postings remotely related to WIHM or feminism….such as, for example, calling themselves feminazies and posting Hitler pictures and swastikas, unless they are truly members of the Arian Sisterhood. This definitely doesn’t help your image.
  3. Finally, that no representatives, aka “Ambassadors” will participate in trolling or bullying other women or other people period. A bully is just a representative of other bullies and doesn't help your cause at all.

Now these are just suggestions, but they are pretty good ones since you are putting yourselves as “Ambassadors” for women’s rights and recognition. It doesn’t make your organization look good if its representatives slander and libel others as well as promote negative political and racist attitudes. Also, bullying does nothing to help your mission, especially if you are bullying other women.

So, if you are truly set on getting back on track and doing what you say I applaud you, but you still have other issues you need to deal with before you will earn my respect. Remember that. I’ll be watching and seeing if this is bullshit or not.

I thought I would add some appropriate music for this post...Enjoy.....

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Convention Politics: Sacramento's Twisted Terror Convention

Well, horror community, especially independent artists, I got a lovely letter from my “friends” Aaron Dodge and Dorine Hartnett from Sacramento’s Twisted Terror Convention, the convention I was supposed to be a “Featured Artist” on  March 29th and 30th. My dear buddies who I spent all 2013 promoting their convention and giving out flyers all over San Mateo County sent me a PDF message stating they were cancelling my contract with them and sending me back my table fee. Here is the fucking kicker, people, the reason I was kicked out of this convention, which I helped to get Gil Gerard for, was because Brandon Slagle and Jessica Cameron don’t like me and would feel uneasy with me as a guest at this convention. Isn’t that nice, horror community? Yeah, I had been involved in this convention since last February, so for nearly a year. Aaron and Dorine assured me that this convention was not going to be based on petty politics and was going to be fair to all the people involved. Hell, they weren’t even going to have a vendors room, they were going to mix vendors, artists, and celebrities together so everyone would have exposure. Well, that was the dream. Then suddenly actress Jessica Cameron started royally kissing Aaron ass. Suddenly Jessica’s film Truth or Dare was getting a screening there. Suddenly, Jessica was all over the website. Shit in December they royally pushed Jessica to get horny male horror fans by offering them autographed skanky Jessica pictures (like below) if they bought their tickets by December 31.

Oh, and you didn’t like that, Eric Morse, because you were jealous of her getting all the attention, right? You say. Honesty, I could give a fuck, but I promoted this convention and helped Aaron and Dorine out a number of times. Shit, as I said I went around giving out teaser cards to every comic book store, Hot Topic, and major social place in San Mateo County. When they got Erin Gray as a guest I put out the idea of having a Buck Rogers reunion and told them I could get them contact info for Gil Gerard. So, I contacted my dear friend JA Steel and got contact info for Gil’s representative who sets up his appearances. Oh, and I also had Aaron and Dorine on my podcast, The Wolf Pack Podcast, so they could talk about the convention and plug it. So, the thing was I was fine with things then but as time went on I noticed that Twisted Terror Convention was promoting the other guests, but weren’t promoting me. I noticed that on their second poster for the convention they had all the other guests pictures but mine was not there. This was also round the time I was helping Reyna Young promote herself for Scarenormal Convention because she and a couple of other independents were being ignored by that convention’s organizer (remember the controversy with that….Sorry, no more Scarenormal because of bullshit like this). Anyway, I ended up making my own banner and posting it on Facebook and other sites. I even subtly kept trying remind Aaron and Dorine I wasn’t getting promoted. They ignored me on that. Anyway, three months ago I contacted Aaron about possibly doing a panel on writing horror. I never got an answer, he completely ignored me. It was around then he got his huge Jessica Cameron “infatuation”. I contacted him again, figuring he had just forgot to get back to me. Oh, and I also in a round about way mentioned that pesky not promoting me thing. Well, I got nothing for an answer. I knew something was off here. So, last night Aaron posted the latest poster for Twisted Terror Convention. I looked it over and noticed all the guests were on there except of course me. Also, they posted all the films that were going to be shown at the convention. Of course Jessica Cameron’s Truth or Dare got the top spot (take a look).

Now I ask you, would you be unhappy about this? So I made a comment on the Twisted Terror Convention Facebook under the above picture. I wrote “Where is my name, Aaron and Dorine? I’m a “Featured Artist” at this convention. I’ve been a part of this convention since last February. I guess I’m the “and more”. I find that very amusing.”
A friend of mine actually found the post and said he wasn’t amused by it and thought it was wrong. He said I should have been listed along with the other guest. Well, I guess Aaron got on and said that none of the “vendors” were listed either, that this poster was only to promote their “Celebrity” guests and the movies that were going to be shown. He went on to say that because I paid for my table I didn’t belong with the “guests”, so basically I was a third class member of this convention and not worthy of promotion. This royally upset me. I ended up talking to my co-host on my radio show and independent filmmaker, Derek Young. Derek contacted Dorine Hartnett and told her about the situation. He made her aware that every convention on the convention scene posts the independent artists that pay for their tables on the guest page and treat them like guests including promoting their being there. He told her that other conventions do it as a courtesy because the independents are usually putting everything they have into the appearance and can’t make back their expenses if people don’t know they are there. Dorine also contacted me and I told her the same thing that Derek said. I mentioned that at the first Days of the Dead Adolfo posted both me and Derek on the guest page and promoted us the same way as the guests. We even were part of the VIP party just like all the independent artists that bought tables there. Dorine promised Derek she would talk to her associates and tell them what we said and try to get me on future posters and promoted with the other guests.
Well, at 10:45 last night I got the following PDF letter:

 Twisted Terror Productions Email:

 P.O. Box 785. Lathrop CA 95330

 Dear William Pattison, aka Eric Morse,
We regret to inform you that we will be cancelling your Artist contract with us. Unfortunately, your attendance conflicts with some of our current Celebrity guests.
Be on the lookout for you $50.00 deposit. We will make it out to Jeanette L. Thompson, unless you need it made out to someone else.
This was a Team decision, so please stop all emails to Dorine. We have made this decision and we are not turning back. Our number one priority is our Celebrity guests and making sure that their comfort level is at 100%.
We will be removing you from our website this week.

This is complete and utter bullshit. I did nothing to be kicked out of this convention and I have not threatened any of their “guests”. Jessica Cameron just doesn’t like me because I blocked Jen and Sylvia Soska on Facebook. Brandon Slagle doesn’t like me because I didn’t appreciate him not showing up for two interviews on my podcast and then saying I quote, “I just didn’t feel like being interviewed tonight and who gives a fuck because all it is is some piece of shit podcast.” I’m sorry you wouldn’t like it if someone said that to you. The most I’ve said about Brandon, besides the fact I didn’t like The Black Dahlia Haunting was that he is a hypocrite for saying he is one hundred percent professional after what he did to my podcast and what he said. None of this even remotely gives reason for me to be ejected from this convention.
So, independent filmmakers and artists in horror take a good look at how Aaron Dodge, Dorine Hartnett, and Twisted Terror Convention has treated me. They have stated right on their Facebook, but I need to note that Aaron has pulled all the comments, that independent artists that pay for their tables will not be mentioned or promoted by Twisted Terror Convention. Also, it has been made perfectly clear that if you comment about this state of affairs they will find a bullshit excuse and kick you out. I ask you, horror community, is this the kind of convention you want to support. Honestly, after this I have a new respect for Adolfo. Atleast he is honest with his bias and atleast he does show independent artists some courtesy. I started out joining  this convention with a lot of respect for its organizers and what it stood for. Now I walk away with disgust. It turns out they are even more biased and politically motivated than Adolfo. That is saying a lot. All I can say is good luck Twisted Terror Convention. If that is what your convention represents I don’t see a bright future ahead for you. Don’t be fooled and don’t drink their bullshit.