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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lord Dickwad and friends

A friend of mine a few days ago sent me a rant done by one of the trolls, aka Morse Bashers, aka cyberstalkers, aka cyber bullies that are constantly spouting their filth and the same long worn out propaganda started by the likes of Mike White, Josh Hadley, and Alex Jowsky. Honestly the pathetic loser who I will call Lord Dickwad, because every small man needs a huge title to give himself weight, though this guy is fat enough on his own (not fun when it is fired back at you Lord Dickwad???)

Anyway, Lord Dickwad wasted a whole five pages spouting off old propaganda that has been long since disproved. Also like any good troll and cyberstalker he twisted the truth and even tried to turn my putting out the olive leaf to The Soskas as something wrong.

Oh and he even tried to pull that shit that I hate women. Well, most of my female friends, including DRo (or as most horror fans know her as Debbie Rochon) and JA Steel, Maria Olson, Tiffany Shepis, and a number of others, will have a good laugh over that. They know as most people who actually know me that I don’t hate any particular race, gender, or sexual orientation. I hate ego case assholes, and low life scumball losers like you.
Also, you and others say my opinions on the Soskas' American Mary, See No Evil 2 , and their section of ABCs of Death are purely based on my dislike of them. Wrong. If you weren’t so busy trashing others and being a scumball asshole you might have read the dozens of reviews by reviewers that are not drinking buddies of the Soskas. They say American Mary is full of plot holes and bad writing as well as tanks in the last twenty minutes. Also, there are so many bad reviews on See No Evil 2 that the Soskas are drowning in negative reviews. Even Dread Central which is literally stuck up the Soskas’ asses put in their review that See No Evil 2 was a cookie cutter horror film that was lacking in real gore. But then they went pussy and said that Oh it wasn’t Jen or Sylvia’s fault since they didn’t write the film and had very little say on the editing. Yeah, that’s right, it took a year for Vince McMahon’s editing crew fix that clusterfuck into something barely watchable. Shit, most people are saying it is the worst film to come out of WWE next to, of course, this year’s other clusterfuck Leprechaun Origin. And, of course, there is ABCs of Death 2. Most reviewers specifically mention the Soskas’ section of ABCs of Death as the worst written, cryptic, and worst produced of the lot, and that is 25 other short pieces.

Also, you mouth off about how you are so superior to me because you go to conventions and make friends. Well, when I was at Epic Con I made a lot of friends and won the respect of a lot of people including a number of my haters who actually turned away from the cheap propaganda you preach and actually got to know me as a person. Since going to that convention my fan mail had tripled and people are buying my books and sending them to me to be autographed. So you and you buddies have failed to sink me and my books.

The truth is this is not just a response to you Lord Dickwad, this is to all you petty dickward that spend time writing blogs against me or posting troll reviews on my books when you have never read any of them. You are all just immature bullies and scumballs. You act like school yard bullies. You lack real talent so you attack those who do or those who are brave enough to have an opinion and don’t like the scum pit you and people like you have made of horror. My suggestion to you and your fellows is grow up. Shit, man you look like Doctor Plox from Enterprise, and I believe you are about fifty-two years old. It is time to get out of high school and act like a fucking adult. The thing is people like you are a joke. You are all transparent as shit. You are all pathetic losers who are not happy with your lives and have a chip on your shoulder. You see someone like me who is brave enough to express his opinions and you try to “Put him in his place”, which means attacking me and painting me in a negative manner. You foster lies and twist the truth to the point that it doesn’t even resemble itself. Man, you have way to much time on your hands and way too much sexual frustration. Call me obsessive? Look in the mirror at yourself. You are spending your time writing page after page of hate and it is going to do nothing. I’m not going to change. You aren’t going to shut me up. And, you are not going to destroy me. What is going to happen is your audience is going to get bored, like they have with all my haters and they will turn on you. Eventually, if you are smart, you will walk away and disappear, like so many before you. You are all truly pathetic.

And, no, Lord Dickwad, I will not go on your pathetically constructed blog and comment. I’m not stupid enough to go into your territory. That would make it too easy for you.

Now, of course, one of your fellows will make sure you know about this post, maybe the coward ANONYMOUS. Yes I know you are involved too. Well, anyway this is all the time I’m going to waste on the likes of you. Do the smart thing and walk away, because it gets brutal when the feeders turn on you…..

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