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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Who is the Horror Elite?

In the horror community  you see groups of people trying to claim the title elite horror person. Some of them feel that they deserve the title because they are hip and go to all the popular horror films. They go to at least four to six horror conventions a year. They believe all the hype the others of their “select” group, like all remakes are bad, there was no good horror films before 1976 (so why waste their time watching any of them), and only gory or pervertedly sick films are good. They believe their status as an elite goes up by the amount of pictures they have with them and horror celebrities, and of course multiple pictures of them with celebrities makes them even more elite because that proves  they have a relationship with these cool people. Also they have to be members of the cool organizations because you can’t be somebody without being a member of these, such as Horror Drunks, The Horror Society, Comic Book Divas, Suicide Girls, or Even Women in Horror, just to name a few. Oh and to be one of them they have to go to all the events and get pictures, lots of pictures for their Facebook to show how truly great they are in the horror community.
Unfortunately, in my view of things this doesn’t make them elite, it makes them  brown nosing egotistical, social climbers who care more for the social scene and being round other snobs than they actually care about horror or the love of horror films.
The true elite horror fan does not even call themselves elite, they could give a shit about titles or status in the horror community. These people might go to a horror convention once in a while if it has a reunion of actors they are interested in or because they want to see if they can find that rare horror item they’ve been looking for that they can’t seem to find on Ebay or Amazon. Or they will go to chat horror with their peers. They may have a few pictures of them with horror icons and they may post a couple of their favorites on their Facebook and write a short description of how much it meant to them to finally meet this actor that meant so much to them. These horror fans have watched films from every era of horror and appreciated them for their differences and the styles and culture they represent. They love to find book adaptations of their favorite horror films and read books on horror, such as John Stanley’s Creature Features Guide. These are the people who post on message boards about not only the newest set of horror films, but their favorites of the past. To put it simply these are the people who truly appreciate horror and horror films. They could give a shit about the social scene and all the exclusionary bullshit associated with it.
The thing that royally gets up my nose about this horrid separation of the true horror elite and the false stuck up Socials who think they are “The Horror Community” and think they run everything associated with horror is that 98% of all horror fans were the people harassed and looked down upon by the “Social Elite” in high school. Now saying this, how the fuck can these same people put on airs and shit and exclude their once abused fellows. That is the one thing I truly resent and don’t forgive. It is arrogant and unacceptable. But that’s my opinion and as the people who think they are elite horror fans think, my opinion doesn’t count…


  1. There is no horror elite. Even the big named websites (you know the ones) are nothing but blogs with message boards attached, full of lots of keyboard warriors hiding behind their screen names.

    I'd even go so far as saying that there isn't even a horror community. There's a convention community for sure but it's regional. Horror fans come in all shapes and sizes but are basically solitary creatures.

    Most of us just read books. watch movies and collect the occasional piece of merchandise. Even the most obsessed "hardcore fans" get bored or burnt out with it after a few years and either move on to something else or diversify.

    I've been to conventions, had my picture taken with celebs, met a few "idols" back in Britain, but I don't feel particularly more special or, more importantly, financially better off because of it.

    I am still elite though because I'm one of the few who is completely honest about all this nonsense.

  2. Well, the thing is, Doc, you are one of the people that I think of when I think of the true horror elite. You are a person who admires and respects every era of horror and you have little tolerance for the bullshit that goes on in "the horror scene".


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